Salma Hayek acupuncture

Salma Hayek celebrates her latest milestone in the strangest way

Alternative medicine for the win!

In today’s age, social media plays a big part in everyone’s daily life, even if you’re as successful as the Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek. Now more than ever, celebrities are sharing their latest fashion finds, campaigns, and beauty buys. But sometimes A-listers posts are insightful, fun, and even strange like Salma’s latest post. Recently the 53-year-old star celebrated her latest social media milestone with an acupuncture session.

Salma Hayek acupuncture©Custom
The Mexican actress getting the wellness treatment

The fierce Latina posted an intimate photo of herself laying down with a handful of needles piercing into her skin. “I’m very grateful to all of you for your love and support. Yaaaay!!! You have gotten me to the 12 million!!! A needle for health and well-being representing each million of you,” captioned the Frida actress.

In Asia, this alternative medicine, which involves thin needles being inserted into the body, is commonly used to treat pain and relieve the body from tension. It also is known for benefiting overall wellness, including stress management. Of course, if you’re interesting in trying acupuncture, we suggest consulting with a medical professional before receiving any type of treatment.

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