Barbie Ferreira Mullet
So ‘90s

Barbie Ferreira is the last star in showing off the mullet cut trend, but there’s more! Would you try it?

Chic or Crazy?

The category is mullet moods! It’s official—the famous 1990’s mullet cut is making a comeback in 2020, and your favorite celebrities are co-signing the trend. Now more than ever, A-listers are redefining their own beauty standards and showing off their edgy-shaped hairstyle. Influential stars, such as Euphoria's Barbie Ferreira, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and more Hollywood elite are changing and creating conversation behind the not so conventional look.

Billie Eilish©@billieeilish
The Bad Guy singer rocks a lime green mullet with a touch of color

Brazilian actress Barbie’s hairstylist Laurie Heaps weighed in on her thoughts behind the latest hair trend that has folks talking. “I think a lot of women in 2020 are drawn to more androgynous looks, and we are also seeing more women who want to go against the grain and have a hairstyle that stands out,” explained the celebrity stylist on a social media post. Speaking with a sense of inclusivity, the pro-stylist voiced her thoughts on letting women explore their own sense of self.

Barbie Ferreira Mullet©@barbieferreira
The 23-year-old star sports a new cutting-edge style

She went on to express, “As women feel more free to express themselves, styles like the mullet are re-emerging. The look is bold and strong. I think it’s kind of a renaissance of female empowerment.” Though there’s still a 50/50 stance on the latest mullet direction, remember if you’re feeling indifferent about the look there’s always a wig option. It’s all about one’s personal style and vibe.

Miley Cyrus mullet©@mileycyrus
The Party in the USA singer is owning her mullet mood moment

Adding to the dialogue, celebrity hair stylist Sally Hershberger gave Miley a "punk rock vibe" cut by using scissors for the initial cut then going in with a razor to add texture and style. Sally’s take on the cut embodies a sense of creating a space where we allow the progressive nature to come out within our daily experiences and appearances.

Whether you’re into the John Travolta in a Pulp Fiction-inspired cut or not, our question still rings true - would you try it yourself?

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