Barbie Ferreira

Euphoria’s Barbie Ferreira is bringing back this ‘90s beauty trend

The 22-year-old actress is becoming a 90s-inspired icon

We’re getting ready to welcome 2020, but the 90s are still alive and well. At least when it comes to fashion and beauty choices. Crop tops, low-waisted pants and yes, fanny packs are cool again. As for beauty, now more than ever, people are opting for bold and colorful looks. Bright shadows, neon liners and your occasional rhinestone are now making their way to every celebrity makeup artist’s feed. But there’s one Latina who’s leading the 90s-inspired beauty charge—say hello to Euphoria actress Barbie Ferreira who is officially bringing back blue eyeshadow.

Barbie Ferreira makeup©@barbieferreira
Barbie Ferreira’s makeup is inspired by the 90s

The 22-year-old actress took to her social media to share bright blue beauty look straight out of the 90s. “Remember when i was glam,” she wrote alongside the photo of herself showing off her makeup. The young star wore an intense shade of blue on her lids that went down to her tear ducts. Besides the shadow, she had faint blush on her cheeks and a glossy lipstain.

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Barbie’s makeup artist Kali Kennedy also took to her page to share some behind-the-scenes photos of the actress posing with the blue eyeshadow. In the pictures, Barbie styled her hair in soft waves and is wearing three chocker necklaces. This isn’t the first time the actress sports a 90s beauty look—she also wore holographic shadow with nothing but mascara.

Barbie Ferreira©@barbieferreira
The actress is a lover of all things beauty

The Euphoria actress previously opened up about her love of makeup while growing up in a personal essay she wrote for Refinery29. “I had a table set up in my room with brushes, and I would do my mom’s makeup before she went out,” she wrote. “I’d go to school and the kids who teased me before were amazed at my little 12-year-old skills with blue eyeshadow.”