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5 essential tips you can do at home for a long-lasting manicure

You don´t need to go to the salon to show off a beautiful manicure. With these easy tips, your hands and nails will look prettier for longer!

Isn´t it annoying? That moment when your manicure chips only a few hours after getting it done at the salon? Ouch. Of course it is! You can avoid this terrible experience by using a semi-permanent nail polish that will keep you (and your nails) at ease for at least three weeks. However, this option means you will need to visit the esthetician to apply it and to take it off. Not to mention the price, higher than the traditional nail polish treatments. So if you are someone who prefers to paint your nails at home, these lines are for you. Follow these easy tips, and your manicure will last longer and shine brighter.

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A perfect at-home manicure is possible


Before starting, it’s very important that your nails are very clean. If you have used a polish in the past, make sure you have removed it completely before applying a new one. And if you haven´t, you should still make sure that they are pristine. File your nails first to make sure you get your preferred shape, and then, wash your hands and nails with soap and water to remove any dirt or residue after filing.


Oils and creams rich in vitamin E will help you keep your cuticles moisturized and prevent the polish from cracking. You can give yourself a little massage with olive oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil before starting the manicure.

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Every detail counts. Follow these tips to extend the life of your manicure


Before applying the nail polish, use a base coat that will help to even out the nail's surface, this will make the polish to adhere better, and as a result, to last longer. When it's time to apply the product, keep in mind that the thicker it is, the greater the chance to bubble, chip, or crack. So as an extra tip, remember that quick-dry polishes work better as they are usually thinner.

As far as layers, experts recommend a total of two thin coats. If you decide to go for pastel or neon colors, bear in mind they are more difficult to get that desired full coverage, so a good tip is to apply a white pre-layer to fix the next tone. And remember: before applying the second coat, make sure that the first one is dry.

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To avoid bubbles, don’t shake the bottle up and down. Move it from left to right in your hands

Another important tip to avoid bubbles and chipping is that, instead of shaking the bottle, place it between your hands and move it left to right. If you shake it up and down vigorously—as most people normally do—the air inside the bottle mixes with the product and you’ll get bubbles that will eventually stick to the nails. And we’re not done here yet. While you're painting, also do the part along your nail's edge. In other words, the part opposite the cuticle, as this is where the color usually starts to splinter.


This product will ensure that the beautiful color on your nails stays for longer. It is a fine layer of transparent coating that adds a lot of shine to the finish, and most importantly, protects it from scratching and chipping. Two days after you’ve painted your nails, reinforce it with another layer. You´ll see the results.

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Finish your manicure with a layer of quick-dry top coat for a perfect result


Your daily routine shouldn´t change just because you have beautiful "new" nails, but everything has a limit. A little bit of TLC in your manicure will make wonders. Don’t use your nails to open cans. Use a tissue, spoon, or ask for help. And when washing the dishes, don’t forget to put on gloves.