Kim Kardashian debuts new hairstyle
Serpentine mane

Kim Kardashian debuts most striking look yet - snakeskin hair - and reveals how she did it

The reality star shows off her new bona fide hairstyle and is looking fearless

Kim Kardashian debuted an earthy and serpentine hairstyle that will leave you speechless. And amid all unusual events, the 39-year-old keeps surprising us with the avant-garde looks. In a recent beach photoshoot, Kim revealed a snake print hair that her hairstylist Chris Appleton created, “Probably One of my favorite projects ever with @kimkardashian snake print hair.” Later, the reality star revealed how Chris achieved the fishnet print look with several techniques. Kim posted two images where shes is laying down on the beach and showing off her unconventional look, “sandy fishnet print hair on the beach late night.”

Kim Kardashian shows off new snakeskin hair©@kimkardashian
Kim Kardashian reveals on her social media how she achieved the snake print hairstyle

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star later shared a behind-the-scenes where it shows the steps Chris took to accomplish the fishnet print look. Makeup artist Hrush Achemyan and Chris placed hair sections of Kim’s wig in between two fishnet stencil plates while spraying colored hairspray to the hair strands. The hairstylist worked each hair section from top to bottom before removing the stencils. Kim’s hairstyle captures a glittery finish and snakeskin look with gold scales effect. “Venomousss,” captioned Kim on her sneak peek photoshoot with Greg Swales. The work of art was taken to the sand while Kim wore a snake print top and bottom similar to her hair. Kim’s hair sides had a fishnet print while the back revealed a more serpentine look.

Besides the snakeskin sultry look, Kim posted another picture with a one-piece yellow bodysuit with hair braids also created by Chris. Also, Hrush leveraged the snakeskin pattern with a shimmery smokey eye, nude lips and highlighted contour. “One of my favorite makeup looks I’ve done on,” commented the makeup artist. The mother-of-four has collaborated with Chris for the past several years. According to Kim’s social media, the snake-themed photoshoot occurred in February before she isolated at home.