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Taraji P. Henson reveals her colorful afro ‘that grows towards the heavens’

The Empire actress shows off a bold hairstyle that ‘defies gravity’

Taraji P. Henson celebrating her Black roots with the latest hairstyle. The What Men Want actress revealed her natural hair texture with a bright red afro that speaks volumes and sends a powerful message to the African-American and Black community. “Hair that defies gravity!!! Hair that grows towards the heavens. #BlackandProud,” exclaimed Taraji on her post. This particular post comes after George Floyd’s death and she encourages her fans to ‘rock your fro’. While this is one way that the mental health advocate is showing her support for the Black Live Matter movement, in the past the mother has been vocal in several ways about her thoughts on systemic racism and discrimination.

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Taraji P. Henson elevates her hairstyle with a bold and bright fro

The actress also shared another post with the song Say It Loud-I’m Black And I’m Proud by James Brown where she proudly uses a pick to achieve a fuller and thicker look. This moment in time speaks volumes as it celebrates Black beauty in a time when the hair and makeup industry are being asked to ‘Pull Up Or Shut Up’ according to UOMA Beauty’s Sharon Chuter. Just like Taraji, Chuter is holding the companies accountable for Black employment representation in industry such as beauty and beyond. During the 1970s, Black men and women sported and styled their fro with a pick as a sign of resilience for Black culture and civil rights. The Hidden Figures actress took this moment to showcase her historic roots and reflect on recent events surrounding police brutality and African-American men and women in America.

Aside from making a stand with her vibrant and bold styles, Taraji is known for her tutorials around styling natural hair with her very own line TPH by Taraji P Henson on social media . She recently helped her followers achieve a super easy passion twist. “This style is super low maintenance and lasts for about a month, so even though I’m hanging out at home this weekend at least I won’t have to think about my hair,” she added. The 49-year-old actress suggests to co-wash in between shampooing for a hydrating rich cleanse. Along with giving us co-washing tips, the Black actress explained the importance of using a fortify shampoo before protective styling to maintain overall health and integrity.

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She explained how to properly cleanse her coils and the importance of recognizing different hair textures. Not only does Golden Globe winner embraces hair versatility but she also encourages her fans to love their authentic self. Apart from flawlessly crafting killer tutorials, Taraji continues to break mental health stigmas in the Black community through her organization, The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. Overall, the actress and author is making an intentional statement with each hairstyle she creates.

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