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Adamari López combats unwanted dark spots and dryness with these drugstore skincare steals

Even the rich and famous swear by tried-and-true budget-friendly beauty buys

We all know celebrities have access to the most high-end skincare products to maintain their glowing complexion on and off the red carpet at all times. And although most will opt in for a luxurious regimen, it’s not always all about the pricey items. When you think of Puerto Rican actress Adamari López, her canvas seems to have stood time since her younger years on Amigas y Rivales. The now 48-year-old host’s ultra pore-less and smooth complexion is a result of her favorite masks and serums that can be found during your next trip to a local CVS or Walgreens. We caught up with the Un Nuevo Día host and discovered that some of her recommendations consist of natural ingredients and they remind of us our favorite Caribbean islas. Keep reading to find out which wallet-friendly finds you’ll want to add to your regimen this new year.

Aveeno brand Adamari López©@adamarilopez
Adamari López is a fan of drugstore beauty buys

HOLA! USA: What are some beauty resolutions you're making for 2020? For example, less laser or peels? More hydrating masks?

Adamari: Some of the resolutions I’m making for 2020 is taking care of my skin much more by hydrating it better. I’ve always been an advocate for using lots of lotion in the body, which is something that I have kept doing. However, I want to take better care of my neck and my face by using more face masks, which I am not using as much as I should, because of the amount of makeup I wear. However, I have already started using the Aveeno Oat Masks, formulated with prebiotic oats and super seed extracts, helping keep my skin healthy and hydrated, which is something so important for me.

Aveeno oat masks©@aveenous
Boost your skin's natural vitality and glow with these moringa, pumpkin and pomegranate seed extract facial treatments

I would also like to use lighter foundation when doing my makeup. In Un Nuevo Día, sometimes I feel like I have too much makeup on, when it would be ideal for me to look pretty and put together, but wear the more impactful makeup for other activities, like galas, presentations, and pictures so that I can look more natural for the people. Being more natural is what I would love for this 2020.

How do you combat unwanted dark spots on your skin? What's your go-to product? Any hacks?

Some of the things that I would do to avoid dark spots on my skin, which I am not very prone to, is to keep using sunscreen or a hydrating cream with sun protection and then re-apply several times during the day, so that the sun doesn’t stain your skin. I take really good care of myself, so I use lots of sunscreen in my skin and hands, which are very exposed to the sun in my car. I would say that sun care is the most basic thing we need to avoid dark spots.

I don’t expose myself to the sun too often, but when I do, I usually wear a hat or wear one of these rash guard long sleeve shirts, which I put on Alaia as well when we go to the beach. My favorite product that has sunscreen is Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Sheer Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30, $19 which is essential for me.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Sheer Daily Moisturizer©@aveenous
Aveeno Positively Radiant Sheer Daily Moisturizer, $18

I also like to take care of my elbows, ankles and knees, because they tend to get darker with frequent exposure to the sun, specially while going to the beach or being in shorts. One of my mom’s trick, from many years ago, was to make a scrub out of lime and salt. We would scrub our elbows with it in the nighttime to remove darkness and follow with a moisturizing lotion right after washing it off.

What's a Puerto Rican beauty secret you wish more people knew more about? Something you remember your mom or tias doing?

A Puerto Rican beauty tip?! *laughs* Aside from the lime and salt scrub my mom taught me, another thing I always do is that right after I get out of the shower, still wet, I will use either baby oil or a light skin oil, pat myself dry half-way and then I put on Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, $11. I don’t like drying myself off completely, because I feel that helps keep in the moisture and the products penetrate better.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion for Dry skin©Aveeno
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion for Dry skin, $11

During the colder months, I switch to a more hydrating lotion such as Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion. Although I live in Miami, and used to live in Puerto Rico, which are both warmer climates, the change in temperature still makes the skin dryer, so I try to pay a little more attention to my body care routine. When I travel I make sure to bring my lotion, which is super important to me, especially while I age. I keep on teaching my daughter Alaia these tricks, just as my mom taught me to take care of not only my body skin, but my cleavage, neck and face equally.

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