Jessica Simpson posing
Baby Weight Where?

Jessica Simpson shows off her stunning physique after losing 100 pounds

The actress made everyone want to get up and stretch

Jessica Simpson showed off her incredible transformation after losing 100 pounds since welcoming her daughter Birdie Mae in March 2019. On Wednesday, she shared a gorgeous photo in front of a pool doing yoga in a matching two-piece set, gold hoops, and a perfectly messy bun.

While it’s completely normal and healthy to gain weight during and after pregnancy, Simpson has endured a lot of body shaming throughout her 3 pregnancies. But Simpson knows how to get her body back into shape and has been showing off her stunning physique more and more throughout the year.

She captioned the shot, “Starting the week with a warrior mindset aligned with the beauty of the sunset.”

The stunning photo would make anyone want to stretch if it meant they would look like that at 40. The two-piece set she is wearing in the photo is from her clothing line’s new fall active line. The companies Instagram shared the same photo- the Ariel seamless bra retails for $40 and the movement Capri in black painted leopard costs $55.

On the day before her 40th birthday, she shared a photo wearing jeans she’s had in her closet for 14 years. Since the actress is 40 that means she was rocking them pre-babies at 26. She captioned the pic, “I have kept these throwback True Religion jeans in my closet for 14 yrs (I’m not exaggerating!). I figured that since I’m in the final hours of my 30’s I’d give them another try, and hello 40, so nice to meet you 🤸🏼‍♀️🙌🏼🙌🥳” She told People “I was in complete shock. It was a good 40th birthday present. I‘ve tried to pull those things over my hips so many times. I just thought my hips, from having babies, would never go back, but the jeans went up.”

On September 17 she took fans back to her Dukes of Hazard days when she went pants-less in a tiny white bodysuit paired with nothing but a hat and boots. Simpson used the sexy shot to promote a special with her mom Tina Simpson on HSN.

While Simpson has certainly toned up, she actually lost the weight last year. Simpson uploaded a photo in September 2019 and said she lost all the weight 6 months after giving birth to Birdie Mae on March 19th. She captioned the photo, “6 months. 100 pounds down (Yes, I tipped the scales at 240 😜)” Her trainer shared the same photo and wrote, “Beyond proud of this incredible woman. Been working together for over 12 years and she’s always the most warm, sweet, polite, and respectful person in the world. And on top of it all, after being nonstop pregnant for as long as I can remember, she’s down 100 pounds and looks younger today than she was when we met.” Her trainer told E! News they did it without any extreme diets and were instead focused on making small lifestyle changes to lose the weight safely. “It had to be more than just getting back from her baby weight, but how do I keep whatever I am doing now forever. That‘s why we are not a big fan of doing any extreme diet or radical forms of exercise,” he explained.