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How to eliminate the fat diet and exercise can’t

Despite having a physically active lifestyle, excess fat stored in certain areas can be hard to burn

Have you ever wonder if exists the possibility of getting rid of stubborn fat in as little as 20 minutes? Or perhaps if there’s a gentler, pain-free alternative to traditional fat removal without liposuction. The answer is yes! Now we can eliminate the fat diet, and exercise can’t.

Targeting troublesome areas is now more straightforward than you thought, thanks to a revolutionary patented procedure developed by Aaron Rollins, M.D., the founder of Elite Body Sculpture and a plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles.

Aaron Rollins, M.D., the founder of Elite Body Sculpture and a plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles.©Elite Body Sculpture
Aaron Rollins, M.D., founder of Elite Body Sculpture

We all know that eating healthy and exercising is the number one method to lose or maintain your ideal weight. However, some factors, such as aging and genetics, make us more likely to store fat in our hips, thighs, and arms. Knowing that all the widely known methods available inflict extensive damage and require months of recovery and undesired scars, Dr. Rollins patented AirSculpt, a non-invasive surgery with immediate results and without general anesthesia.

After reading testimonies and looking at the impressive before and after photos, I proceeded to give it a try, not before consulting with the mastermind behind it. “AirSculpt is a minimally invasive body sculpting procedure performed in a relaxed setting,” Dr. Rollins told HOLA! USA. “This patented treatment permanently removes fat and tightens skin while sculpting targeted areas of the body. Results are achieved with minimal pain thanks to this technology’s power-automated mechanism, which allows fat to be plucked away cell by cell.”

How to eliminate the fat diet and exercise can’t©Elite Body Sculpture

According to Dr. Rollins, the procedure can remove most unwanted fat cells with a single session without leaving a noticeable scar, contrary to traditional liposuction. This abrasive surgical procedure removes excess body fat and leaves a tell-tale scar.

The most significant difference among these treatments is that liposuction uses a hollow suction tube inserted through a large incision to remove fat from under the skin with a scraping motion that is quite violent and imprecise. “The patient is put under general anesthesia before the surgery, and stitches are required to close the incision,” Dr. Rollins said, explaining the cons of this type of fat removal. “Recovery is generally painful with excessive bruising, which lasts for days or even weeks, and extended downtime. Results can leave bumps, shelves, ripples, and other irregularities. Patients occasionally require additional procedures to revise disappointing results,” he said. And nothing is disappointing about AirSculpt, Elite Body Sculpture, and its staff.

Dr. Rollin’s mechanism is for everyone, whether you have a higher or normal BMI. “We like to say, ‘If we can pinch it, we can take it,’” he told HOLA! USA. During the free consultation, which can be in-person or virtual, “the patient fills out paperwork, discusses their goals and desires for their unique body, and from there, you can schedule your procedure date,” he said. Once the person is cleared and approved, procedures can be booked the very next day — as long as all of their busy locations have availability, of course.

How to eliminate the fat diet and exercise can’t©Elite Body Sculpture

According to Dr. Rollins, there are also do’s and don’ts during the weeks or days before the procedure. “Elite Body Sculpture always likes to ensure our patients are healthy and cleared before getting AirSculpt. We definitely want you to eat and remain hydrated before your procedure,” he advised.

People who want to use procedures to eliminate fat often get concerned about getting under general anesthesia and its complications; however, it was imperative for Dr. Rollins to offer a service where patients stay awake and conscious. “AirSculpt only uses local anesthesia. General anesthesia has a lot of risks that can be life-threatening – because of this, we specifically only use local anesthesia,” he explained. “One of the most beneficial effects of choosing to use local anesthesia is allowing our patients to be awake, listening to their music, talking to friends, and seeing the results happen right before their eyes while on the procedure table! We care immensely about our patients and their health – we like to treat them just like our family and friends.”

Just like he explained, the day of my appointment, I finished filing paperwork, and my designated plastic surgeon walked me through all the process. At the same time, the lovely nurses make you feel welcome, engaged, and optimistic, knowing how nervewracking this might be for some people.

Before laying down and letting your surgeon get rid of your unwanted fat forever, there’s a big decision everyone has to make — which type of music you would want to listen to during the procedure. Dua Lipa’s upbeat tracks created the perfect ambiance, and little did I know, in an hour, my double chin was gone, and the flabby arms I inherited from my great-grandma were in the past, all this with no pain and while singing, talking, and saying good riddance to the fat.

Yes! That’s the best part. “Even if weight is regained after the procedure, the fat grows back in areas that have not been sculpted, meaning newly achieved proportions are maintained,” said Dr. Rollins.

The downtime for AirSculpt is literally a weekend; although patients are different, some even go to work the next day — just like me! A week after my laser-assisted procedure, the tiny entryway made with a 2mm-wide punch tool is wholly healed, flat, and looks like a cute freckle. “Patients can expect them to be the size of a lead pencil tip! No scarring ointments are necessary,” Dr. Rollins told HOLA! USA.

As a curiosity, I asked him what happens if a person gets pregnant after getting AirSculpt, his answers blew my mind away. “This is totally normal! We’ve had our patients get pregnant shortly after getting AirSculpt, and most still have their results post-partum,” he assured.

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