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National Healthy Skin Month:

Latinx beauty expert, Priscilla Jiminian, shares how to combat hyperpigmentation

Connect the dots to a beauty routine and botanical ingredients that work.

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November is National Healthy Skin Month, a date sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology to raise awareness and inform people how to treat and prevent common skin problems, like acne, eczema, and dermatitis psoriasis, plus the importance of sunscreen and how to avoid skin cancer.

Although acne and melanoma figure among the skin problems with higher rates exist, other issues can impact everybody; one of them is the appearance of dark spots due to overexposure to sunshine (UV light). These are called hyperpigmentation — small skin patches that make us hyper upset!

To stop the spots and connect the dots to a beauty routine and botanical ingredients that work. Priscilla Jiminian, the founder of Skinergy Beauty, shared with HOLA! USA, how to improve discoloration and which product can help us brighten our skin.

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HOLA USA!: What’s hyperpigmentation?
Priscilla Jiminian:
Many different sources can cause hyperpigmentation. It can appear on the skin from UV exposure, stress, hormones, environmental overexposure, and genetics. It occurs when the melanocyte (which is the skin cell responsible for making our skin color) is damaged or overstimulated by one of the causes mentioned above, overproducing pigment. This results in the appearance of discoloration, uneven skin tone, and dark spots.

How can we fight hyperpigmentation?
You can fight hyperpigmentation by using ingredients that target it directly at the source, some of which are found in our Dark Spot Correcting Cream. I recommend using SPF 30 or higher every day, even during the colder months and on cloudy days! This is very important to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Which race/ethnicity is prone to hyperpigmentation? Why?
All races and ethnicities are prone to hyperpigmentation
, but it tends to have a higher prevalence in skin of color. Because darker complexions can be more sensitive and more prone to rebound hyperpigmentation, some standard methods of treating pigments, such as laser or even the use of strong prescriptions like hydroquinone, are usually advised to avoid as options which leave fewer options to treat hyperpigmentation.

How can we improve discoloration and even out our skin tone?
We can improve discoloration and even our skin tone with consistent, daily use of topical products containing pigment-balancing ingredients while respecting our skin’s sensitive nature. Ingredients such as kojic acid, ferulic acid, and derma white, which are the active ingredients in our Dark Spot Correcting Cream, are very effective at helping lighten the stubborn hyperpigmentation typically seen in skin of color. These also provide powerful protective benefits to help the skin remain healthy and vibrant in the long run.

Is it possible to misidentify skin cancer with hyperpigmentation and vice versa?
It is possible to confuse skin cancer with hyperpigmentation, and vice versa, especially when skin cancer is in its earliest stages. Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, and it appears in its early stages, looking like a typical dark spot or mole.

Early detection is key. It is recommended to have an annual skin check with a dermatologist and additional skin checks in between if you notice any of your dark spots changing color or shape.

Another recommendation from our in-house esthetician and skincare expert, Nicole Simpson, is to become familiar with the ABCDE for skin cancer: A = asymmetry, B = border, C = color, D = diameter, E = evolution. If you see any changes in size, symmetry, color, border shape or notice it changing in shape, it is advised to have it checked immediately. Good sun protection and skincare habits can help prevent skin cancer.

What’s Skinergy Beauty Dark Spot Correcting Cream, and how can we use it?
The Dark Spot Correcting Cream was my introductory product for Skinergy Beauty as a brand. It is formulated in the Dominican Republic to target this specific skin concern that plagues so many people of color. The market is saturated with products that take months to years to brighten and correct hyperpigmentation with little results at times, and many times, those products can be too harsh.

A Dark Spot Correcting Cream from Skinergy Beauty©@SkinergyBeauty
Skinergy Beauty Dark Spot Correcting Cream

It targets scars, acne marks, dark spots, and even melasma. It is the best seller for lots of reasons! I recommend to use it nightly and consistently to get faster results. With proper use, it has helped many of our lovely customers combat their skin concerns and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

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