Kylie Jenner and James Charles

Kylie Jenner drinks wine and spills some tea while James Charles does her makeup

Jenner revealed the Kardashians halloween plans.

Kylie Jenner teamed up with makeup artist James Charles to create a cheetah inspired Halloween look. Jenner’s cheetah themed collection for Kylie Cosmetics, Wild Thing, launched on October 26. The duo teamed up together two years ago in 2018 when he transformed her into a spooky purple skeleton. During the 16 minute transformation, the friends (mainly Jenner) drank some wine and Charles asked her some questions to get some tea.

At the start of the video James explained, “we thought it would be really, really fun to do a cheetah Halloween look on Kylie today.” But it wasn’t going to be a simple design, Charles busted out the liquid latex. “I want to give you something people have never seen you in before, so I want to go like special effects because I think that would be cool,” Charles tells Jenner in the video. “We‘re gonna make it look like Kylie was clawed in the face by a cheetah.”

During the session, Jenner revealed what the Kardashian’s Halloween plans are. “So since halloween is canceled, we cant trick or treat or anything. Me and Kim decided to do something really special at her house, we are gonna have all the cousins over and I think we are going to do like fake little houses in the backyard so they can like trick or treat.” Jenner revealed she is going to dress up as a minion with Stormi but she was tight-lipped when it came to her individual costume. Jenner said it was going to be her favorite costume of all time but shut down Charles’ requests, “I said I couldn't tell you baby” she exclaimed.

Jenner then drank more white wine. She also got personal and revealed that she stopped showing her personality to the public after she received hate for being the real her. Charles then asked if she wanted to have more kids. Jenner lit up and explained, “I want more so bad, I actually think about it every day, I just still don‘t know when. I’m not planning, I don’t have time for that to happen. You cant like not want more almost.” She continued, “Being a parent though is stressful, like to do the right thing at all times.”

Jenner had more wine and bragged that she is a professional “WAP” dancer. Charles said he knew and reminded Jenner that she performed the dance in front of him at dinner. An event that Jenner didn’t remember taking place, “oh really? I showed it to you?” she asked him. “Yeah you literally got on the floor and started doing it” Charles responded. “I don’t remember doing that” Jenner admitted. (Maybe she drank a little too much white wine at dinner that night.) Jenner also revealed that it wasCardi Bs team that reached out to her for the cameo.

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