Kendall Jenner with a natural look

Kendall Jenner’s makeup routine takes just five minutes

The celebrity creates a natural look with a trick she learned in the world of modeling

Kendall Jenner used her experience with the world’s best makeup artists and hairstylists to perfect her makeup skills and craft her own simple daily routine that takes just five minutes. The Kardashian-Jenner sister shared the steps she follows to create the natural look that we are so used to seeing on her, using just a few basic beauty products. “I learn a lot from being on set,” Kendall told Vogue, and here we can tell you even more.

Kendall Jenner with natural makeup©@maryphillips
Most of the makeup Jenner uses on runways is very natural

1. Prepping her face

To start off her makeup for the day, Kendall explained how she applies foundation to her face and neck, saying “I don’t really like to put too much on, because I hate when I have cakey makeup on.” She then puts on concealer at strategic spots, like her chin, cheeks, nose and the space between her brows, spreading it with her fingertips until her skin is ready for the other cosmetics.

2. Highlighting her features

Without a doubt, one of the attractive features on the model’s face are her brows. Kendall uses a pencil to fill them in, give them shape and to define them. While the star has bushy brows, when she was 14 she “literally plucked them all off.” Luckily, she has learned her lesson and hasn’t touched them since.

Kendall Jenner posing with hair up©GettyImages
The top model explains that she likes to use lip gloss to complete her makeup

3. A touch of bronzer

Next, it’s time to give her skin that sun-kissed look. Kendall spreads her bronzer evenly using a brush that she pinches to apply the product even more precisely on her cheekbones and neck. She also gives her eyes a touch of subtle shadowing with an even finer brush. After that, she applies mascara to highlight her eyelashes by filling them out with more volume.

Kendall Jenner with hair half up©GettyImages
Kendall confirmed she learned her makeup tricks on set before modeling

4. Final trick

For her lips, the model explains in the Vogue video how she doesn’t “fully put lipstick on.” But she does dab a bit of color at the center of her upper and lower lips and then spreads it with her fingertips. “Just to enhance my own [lip] color,” Jenner specified.

And the last secret is a touch of lip gloss. “I like having gloss, rather than just matte,” Kendall Jenner explained while finishing her makeup routine. Lip gloss is a great choice to top off a natural makeup look. Ready to give it a try?

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