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The 3 simple makeup secrets behind Meghan Markle’s perfect glow – including one we didn’t expect

The Duchess of Sussex’s makeup artist Daniel Martin’s technique is to create a perfect makeup canvas – here’s how he does it

Meghan Markle‘s makeup style is characterized by an ever-present subtle glow that highlights beautiful natural-looking skin, including her freckles. While the Duchess of Sussex’s famously healthy lifestyle has much to do with her radiance, the royal also has some makeup secrets that ensure that she’s always has her signature glow. So what’s behind her flawless skin? Well, her go-to makeup artist and BFF Daniel Martin – who also is MUA for Jessica Alba and more stars – has shared his philosophy, techniques and products that achieve this gorgeous look for his famous clients.

Meghan Markle with her hair up©GettyImages
The Duchess of Sussex’s makeup artist revealed 3 tricks to help us all get that perfect glow

1) ‘Wake up’ your face

One thing Meghan definitely shows – you don’t need layers and layers of makeup to make your skin look radiant. And the key to letting your natural glow shine through just like the Duchess is a fantastic well-moisturized canvas.

In an interview with Glamour, MUA Daniel, who is also a Dior Makeup brand ambassador and Honest Beauty creative color consultant, revealed that “even the fanciest foundation with the best moisturizing and illuminating properties in the world won’t look good on dry skin.” So, before he even thinks about applying make up, he likes to “wake up” the complexion with a great moisturizer and eye cream.

His perfect combo is Dior Hydra Life Hydration Rescue Intense Sorbet Creme ($69) and Honest Beauty The Depuffed Eye Gel ($18). “Once your skin is properly hydrated, anything you put on top—foundation, concealer, powder—goes on easier and the makeup lasts longer,” explained Daniel.

Daniel Martin putting makeup on a model©@danielmartin
Daniel, who is also one of Meghan’s best friends, applies primer after the foundation, not before

2) Blend your foundation with face oil

The foundation he normally uses is Dior Backstage Foundation ($45), to which he then adds a few drops of Honest Face Oil ($38). He places a bit of each on the back of his hand, mixing it with a makeup brush and applying to the entire face. Then, he mattifies the T-zone to minimize shine.

3) Apply primer AFTER foundation (!)

Yes, it’s a beauty shocker – Daniel applies primer after foundation, not before, as most do. The makeup artist’s go-to primer is the oil-free The Liquid Silk Canvas from Tatcha ($52), which he applies with a medium brush just above the brown bone, along the bridge of the nose and the area under and around the nose.

The Liquid Silk Canvas by Tatcha©Tatcha
The MUA’s go-to primer is The Liquid Silk Canvas by Tacha ($52)

So it all amazingly comes down to three easy steps: hydrate your skin, apply foundation with a facial oil, followed by primer in strategic areas. We’re ready to give it a try!

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