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Fan of chocolate? Eat it before working out like Scarlett Johansson

That's what the actress does to stay in shape

You're already looking at the best news you'll read all day: eating chocolate can boost your workouts. Scarlett Johansson swears by this, and she's in excellent shape. You probably already know that the Avengers' Black Widow is very disciplined when it comes to exercise, and she has also customizes her diet to promote body toning. According to her trainers, the seductive actress eats portions of chocolate before training to boost performance.

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Scarlett Johansson is disciplined when it comes to working out, and also with her diet, making her exercise routine more effective.

Ryan and Eric Johnson, the actress' professional coaches, explained to Insider that they eat chocolate right before training –so it's worth noting that this is how you can enjoy this treat on a daily basis. But this little piece of heaven is more than just delicious; you can also use it as a substitute for energizers.

“We're always looking for a good pre-training supplement but most things you can buy in the stores are full of sugar and caffeine,” said Eric. “We already drink too much coffee and most of our customers do it too, so we wanted to find something that was more naturally organic and that would give you the same benefits,” the trainer added.

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Dark chocolate has positive effects on the heart, circulation, and the mind

Studies reviewed by the Agencia EFE establish the benefits of dark chocolate on the heart and circulation, especially arterial pressure. While a recent investigation by University College London (UCL) confirmed the positive effects on mood and treating depression.

You must understand that we're not talking about eating any old product containing chocolate, nor large quantities. It's advisable to eat 30 grams of dark chocolate a day, which is 150 calories, and while eating these quantities is effective, eating too much will end up working against you when trying to lose weight.

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Dumbbells and chocolate are looking like the perfect workout combo, all you have to keep in mind is quality and quantity

Go for dark chocolate in its purest possible form. There are loads of options on the market, each detailing the percentage of cacao it contains. It's best if it doesn't contain milk or sugar. Some are made with fructose or artificial sweeteners. The darker the better; your palate will quickly get used to the flavor and the rest will soon taste so sweet you'll end up not even liking it anymore.

The advantage of eating these small amounts before exercising is that you'll burn the calories during the workout, you'll have all the energy you need, and the dopamine for building muscle; it'll also provide you with that extra bit of motivation. So . . . eat chocolate, work out, and be happier!

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