Miley Cyrus lip gloss

Miley Cyrus' essential beauty products that she can't live without

Find out how the singer always manages to look picture perfect

Aimée Bourrillon

If there's one celebrity – aside from Lady Gaga – who is a complete style chameleon, it has to be Miley Cyrus. The WreckingBall singer always looks outstanding whether on stage or in her social media posts. But it's her ability to go from shocking and daring to sophisticated, elegant and even conservative – with matching beauty looks – that leaves us breathless. What never changes for this star is her obsession for certain beauty products that are always by her side, come rain or shine:

Miley Cyrus favorite lip gloss©@mileycyrus
Ever since her Hannah Montana days, lip gloss has been one of her must-haves

Something that she cannot live without on a daily basis is lip gloss. The actress carries one with her at all times. “ I definitely need some gloss. All the time. “Lip gloss is poppin’” should have been my song”, she told Byrdie.

In fact, lip gloss isn't a new addiction. From a young age she couldn't live without her gloss. In the same interview she revealed that her mom wouldn't let her wear makeup when she was younger – but she would allow Miley to use a bit of lip gloss.

Another of her must-haves is the nail file – you never know when you might need one. And her thoughts on eyelash curlers are also revealing: “If you just curl your eyelashes, you don’t need mascara. If you have an emotional breakdown and you cry, you’re fine. You can fall asleep and not ruin anything.”

Miley Cyrus pastel makeup©Getty Images
An eyelash curler is never missing from her makeup bag

And finally, it's interesting to learn what her most important beauty ritual is. "I always had really bad skin growing up, so I'm obsessed with taking care of my skin. No matter what, I don’t pass out in my makeup. Like I will make sure I zombie walk [to the sink], no matter how late, and wash my face, because I just think it’s so important.” We couldn't agree more!