Joan Smalls has enviable skin

Joan Smalls boosts her energy in the sweetest way

The model’s craving has benefited her health and beauty in surprising ways

Stunning Joan Smalls has revealed she indulges daily in something that myth says we need to steer clear of in our diet: chocolate! The Puerto Rican supermodel enjoys chocolate in many forms and the bonus is that it’s beneficial for her health and beauty. Numerous studies have proven that this tasty treat has a wealth of positive effects for your body.

Joan Smalls at the New York Fashion Week ©Getty Images
In Joan Smalls’ meal plan, she includes chocolate to bring more energy to her intense work schedule

Beneficial treat

The model revealed in an interview with Harper's Bazaar that she ADORES chocolate. “From a Snickers to Twix to Oreo cookies to fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, brownies –anything! I do not discriminate,” she said. The statuesque beauty discussed how it gives her instant energy to help her during her hectic work day, while of course having another side benefit – its exquisite taste.

Chocolate is beneficial for our health©iStock
Chocolate is delicious and has a host of health benefits

Enjoy in moderation

Chocolate isn’t automatically associated with the healthiest of diets; however, when enjoyed in moderation and with a high proportion of cocoa content, it can be beneficial to the health. The main thing to keep in mind is that a 3.5oz bar of dark chocolate has approximately 5 grams of fiber, which is what helps keep cholesterol under control, gives the sensation of being full for longer and benefits digestive health.

It also helps to stave off everyday stress, because it reduces your body’s stress hormone levels, resulting in increased concentration and relaxation, while also reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Cocoa has many benefits for your health©iStock
The higher the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate, the better it is

A delicacy that delivers beauty

And if that weren’t enough, whether you eat chocolate or apply it to your skin in beauty treatments like face masks, it can enhance your appearance thanks to its antioxidants. These renew the skin, reduce inflammation, and moisturize and soften the skin’s surface, while reducing wrinkles and improving circulation.

So if you’re a chocolate lover – like Joan Smalls – you’ve got new reasons to keep enjoying it. As long as it’s consumed in moderation, and with a high cocoa content and limited sugar, all its benefits can be enjoyed guilt-free.