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This Latina Entrepreneur is revolutionizing makeup on-the-go

Pocket Palette is a three-piece product that includes bb cream, lip/cheek color and mascara

Here at HOLA!, we believe in highlighting those breaking boundaries and creating change in the beauty industry. History shows Latinas that we were and still are pioneers when it comes to the business of belleza, which is why we’re spotlighting them with our weekly segment of #HOLAGlamGetters. They’re born beauty entrepreneurs, unapologetic and fabulous. They’ve used their passion for beauty to fuel their journey to success. But, ever wonder how they got there? In a world where one’s highlight reel is on replay only showcasing the glitz and glam of creating a business, we’re keeping it real with our glam-star.

It’s Monday morning and you’re running late for your 9am meeting. You have enough time do your hair, but won’t be able put on your makeup if you want to make the train. Sure you can bring your entire makeup bag, but what if there was a simpler option to do glam up on-the-go? Enter the Pocket Palette, a handy portable palette with a single-serving of three makeup products—bb cream, lip/cheek color and mascara. The three-piece palette is compact, easy to store and—the best part—disposable after use. Thanks to Latina entreprenuer Lynda T.C. Peralta, every woman now has a little more space in their beauty bags.

Pocket Palette©Pocket Palette
Lynda T.C. Peralta created the Pocket Palette

The Latina entrepreneur, who graduated from George Washington University with an MBA, made her dream of a compact makeup option come true after her own fright story. “I first came up with the idea for Pocket Palette in 2013 because I didn’t want to wake up early enough to do my makeup before boarding an early morning train from DC to New York. So, I put some cosmetics into a sandwich bag, did my makeup on the train, and threw the bag away,” she told HOLA! USA. "Fast forward two and a half years, I overheard some MBA classmates talking in the bathroom, bemoaning the inconvenience of carrying cosmetics from home to school in order to do their makeup before each job or internship interview. I popped out of the bathroom stall and asked if they would be interested in a travel makeup kit with a one-time use. After hearing a unanimous “yes,” I went home to develop some prototypes."

Since then, the palette has skyrocketed in popularity. Besides the beauty product, there are different merch pieces that perfectly pair with the beauty product. Hats, iPhone wallets and because we're obessesed with the 90s again, fanny packs that can comfortably hold a handful of the Pocket Palettes. Keep reading to see how Lynda brought the beauty product to life, how she plans to expand and top tips on how to properly apply makeup when you're trying to catch a train!

Pocket Palette makeup©Pocket Palette
The product is easy to store and disposable

HOLA! USA: Did you ever dream of being a beauty entrepreneur?

Lynda T.C. Peralta: “Definitely not. I have always liked beauty, but I never thought I would end up here. I did always have an entrepreneurial bug, but I thought I would do a service based coaching business once I retired. Maybe I still will. But for now, here we are! I couldn’t be happier.”

What was the biggest challenge in bringing Pocket Palette to life?

“Figuring out the manufacturing process was extremely difficult. It took me over nine months just to find the right packager for Pocket Palette. Since it was a new concept, I had to find a partner who was willing to take a risk on a new company who didn't have money, demand, or any business experience at all. Eventually, I found the right partner and we are extremely pleased with how everything worked out.”

What do you hope this brand accomplishes?

“I hope that Pocket Palette can be recognized as a brand that makes your life a little easier. Whether this is accomplished by being the hospitality industry’s makeup amenity of choice, or by being the little life-saver that you dig out of the bottom of your purse. I would love for people to see a Pocket Palette and be relieved that it exists.”

Currently the Pocket Palette has mascara, lip/cheek, and BB cream—do you have plans to expand to include other products that can be used on-the-go?

“Yes! We’d love to do a spa kit, with enough product for an on-the-go facial, ideal for an overnight flight. We also are looking at implementing other colors into the current offerings.”

Pocket Palette HOLA! USA©Pocket Palette
It includes three beauty products—bb cream, lip/cheek color and mascara

Do you have any other projects that you’re working on?

“For Pocket Palette, we are working on modifying our offerings to be more interesting to hotels and airlines. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but a huge goal of ours would be to have Pocket Palettes available in amenity kits throughout the hospitality industry. Outside of Pocket Palette, in my personal life, I’m just trying to keep my various house plants alive.”

Name the craziest beauty story that you have?

“One of my favorite stories is from a Pocket Palette customer. She works for a music school and one of her mariachi students was panicking because she forgot her makeup bag at home before a big performance. Our customer dug around her desk and found a couple of Pocket Palettes to give to the girls before they went on stage. She told me the girls loved it.”

Top tips for applying makeup on-the-go?

“Do the thing that requires a steadier hand at home first, like eyeliner, and grab a Pocket Palette for the road. Avoid doing makeup in a moving vehicle (though, I’m guilty of doing makeup in the backseat of Lyfts and on the Amtrak), Try to wait until you come to a red light or a station stop, then that’s when you apply the things that require a bit more focus, like mascara. Our lip/cheek color is highly pigmented, so I recommend putting it on your lips first to see how much color you want, then dab the remaining color on your cheeks.”

Besides Pocket Palette, what other beauty products do you always have on you?

“I can usually be counted on to have a spare hair-tie, hydrocortisone (airplane air and harsh winters are hard on my skin), and a mini eyebrow pencil.”

Do you have any advice for Latina entrepreneurs?

“If you’re the inventor or founder, you are expected to know absolutely everything about your product, the industry it’s in, and business in general, because it’s been statistically proven women aren’t granted the benefit of the doubt as easily as men. So my advice is to do it. Know everything. Be more entrepreneurial than the entrepreneurs, be a better customer than your own customers, and be a bigger hustler than the hustlers. It’s exhausting, but we Latinas were literally raised rising above expectations. Oh, and find a good support group. It gets lonely at times, but I always find catharsis after a good “whine, wine and cheese” night with my friends and family."

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