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Here's how to get Eva Longoria's toned shoulders

These exercises can help you get the Desperate Housewives' actresses toned upper arms and shoulders

When you're thinking about the best exercises to tone up and get strong, don't forget about your shoulders. And if you're looking to get toned and well defined upper arms, take a leaf out of Eva Longoria's book and incorporate dumbbell exercises into your fitness routine to strengthen and tone her shoulders.

The best part? The Desperate Housewives star shares her workouts on social media, so we can copy! Remember when using weights, the internal, external, and posterior deltoid muscles are working, as well as the trapeziums, fully strengthening your shoulders. Check outthese three essential exercises:

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Lifting weights will give you good tone and definition in the shoulder and arm area

Exercise 1: lateral flights

This is Eva's favorite exercise and consists of holding a dumbbell in each hand, placing them next to each side of the hips and then lifting your arms to the sides until they are parallel to the ground. The idea is to keep your elbows slightly bent and to pause briefly, then lower your arms to the starting position. Repeat the same movement until the end of each round. You can do this exercise sitting or standing, as well as with a slight lean forward, flexing the knees, and keeping the back straight as the actress does.

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Exercise 2: front elevations

Another alternative is to repeat front elevations with the arms extended forward. To do this you must stand up and hold a weight in each hand, placing them in front of the thighs, with the palms pointing towards your body. Then proceed to lift both arms forward at the same time, until they are almost parallel to the ground. After a pause, lower them gently while holding the movement until you reach the starting position. Repeat as many times as necessary.

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The actress' exercise regime helps her stay toned and strong

Exercise 3: back lifts with incline

Ideal to strengthen posterior deltoids, making elevations backwards with sustained movements. You will only have to sit on the edge of a bench with your feet together and lower your body forward, with a dumbbell in each hand, just above the ground and with your palms facing inward, and then perform the back lifts until your arms are parallel, keeping a small arch in your elbows throughout the exercise. Then lower them to the starting position and start again until you finish your rounds.

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Eva has the perfect figure for strapless dresses

It is very important to select dumbbells with an appropriate weight for your level and ability, as well as adopting the correct posture to avoid injuries. It is advisable to work with a coach or personal trainer to achieve the best results.

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