Get flawless bangs like Halle Berry with these hair care tips!

Hollywood actress Halle Berry, singer Taylor Swift and supermodel Kendall Jenner are among the stars who are absolutely slaying us with their bangs. These gorgeous women have inspired us to get flawless bangsHOLA! USA spoke to Gabrielle Doss, hair stylist and beauty expert, on how to achieve this look. Here are some expert tips and tricks to get the fringe hairstyle (pronounced the British way, naturally!).


Halle Berry showing off her beautiful hair. Photo: Instagram/halleberry

Halle Berry has rocked her bangs for several seasons now and we are not tired of them! To get this sophisticated look it all starts with the right haircut and care. "It's so important to find someone who knows how to cut a flawless bang," Gabrielle Dossi told HOLA! USA. 

Also, you need to know which type of bang best suits your style and hair. Although bangs might seem to require little care, Dossi explained the commitment needed to maintain them. "You need to style them everyday. They're only 'flawless' because they are styled. Not because 'I woke up like this'. You have to really take care of them," she said.

Our expert stylist explained that there are many hair products and ways to achieve the chic look. "I love to use the flat wrap method with a paddle brush to make them flow effortlessly, then take a boar bristle brush and bevel in the ends," Dossi said. Using products like texturizing spray or dry shampoo can also add dimension and volume to your bangs.

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Kendall Jenner looks chic and elegant in these bangs. Photo: Instagram/Kendalljenner

If you're not sure about bangs and want to try them out, use a clip-on like Kendall Jenner. This will give you the look without the commitment. On the other hand, if you are set on having bangs but have thin hair, our expert told us everything you need to know. 

To add volume Gabrielle Dossi recommended a dry shampoo that gives you great volume: "And if it smells like heaven, much better!" she added. If you want to add texture to your hairstyle, she suggested using a spray which adds dimension but keeps your hair feeling fresh and light.

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Taylor Swift looks great in these classic bangs. Photo: Instagram/TaylorSwift

The singer, who is in the middle of her Reputation tour, is rocking a full classic bang. If you want her look but have dry hair, you can use a hydrating hair balm to add moisture. This will make your hairstyle look sleeker. Our hair expert gave us one more style tip for people with thin hair: "If you want a fuller bang, I would express it to my stylist. They can section out the bang piece to get a fuller look. Also, using a thickening spray will add to the appearance of a fuller bang."

Dossi reminds us that it is so important to start off with a good foundation to the look, which is the haircut. After that, you can use products and methods to enhance your bangs. Give it a try! Add bangs to your look and use these tips to maintain a gorgeous hairstyle.

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