Sure, lots of celebrities kicked off 2019 by getting bold new haircuts, but it's Baby Chanco who is really starting off the new year right. Last year, at just six-months-old, the Japanese little girl amassed more than 100,000 Instagram followers. The reason? The whole world was in a frenzy over her luscious and luxurious head of hair. Fast forward to today and the one-year-old has more than 300,000 followers and has scored her first modeling gig with Pantene. #Hairwego

Baby Chanco scored her first modeling gig with Pantene Photo: Instagram/pantene_jp_official

On January 7, Pantene unveiled their official new ad starring Baby Chanco with Japanese television announcer, Sato Kondo, who is famous in Japan for rocking elegant gray hair. The one-year-old model smiles adorably, giggling and showing off her long locks, while Sato also wears a joyous look on her face. 

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Pantene clearly wants to send an uplifting message with this ad. It's geared toward women who “want to be positive and make a new start through their hair,” Yoshiaki Okura, P&G Japan Hair Care Associate Brand Director, told PEOPLE. “We feel [Chanco’s] beautiful hair has strong power that makes people positively move forward,” he said. “We went straight to her mother because Chanco’s personality and special character matches our image for women we want to support.”


今日、12月23日は #爆毛赤ちゃん @babychanco の1歳の誕生日! お誕生日おめでとうございます ・ 彼女が生まれてから今日までの物語を #HairyTale という1つのショートムービーで綴りました 🎬フルバージョン動画はこちらから ・ プロフィールにリンクも貼ってあるのでみてくださいね ・ 🎬Here is the English full version movie! ・ The Hairy Tale by babychanco #HairWeGo PANTENE(パンテーン) ・ ちょっとみんなとちがう髪の「爆毛赤ちゃんbabychanco」。 その髪からはじまるすてきなものがたり。 みんなが「みんなとちがう」をだい好きになれたら、きっと世界はもっともっとすてきになるから。 ・ 生まれたままの髪の個性が、世界中の人々に愛された爆毛赤ちゃんbabychancoのものがたりを、染めない、隠さないグレイヘアが多くの女性の賞賛を得た近藤サトさんの語りでお届けします。 あなたはどう思いましたか? 皆さんの感想を教えてくださいね。 ・ Dec-23rd is babychanco’s birthday! When you love your difference, great things will happen. #HairWeGo #さあこの髪で行こう #パンテーン #pantene #BabyChanco

Una publicación compartida de パンテーン / PANTENE (@pantene_jp_official) el

As for Baby Chanco's mom, she's relishing in all the hair. She even already has plans for her adorable daughter's future hair styles. “I prefer to keep her hair long, and in the future I want to try some new arrangements, like braids," says Mami Kano. In addition to the cute ad, the one-year-old model is also starring in her own digital movie aptly named, The Hairy Tale

And if you're wondering how you, too, can grow out Baby Chanco-level locks, don't reach for the horse shampoo. Instead, Mami Kano said it's all “brushing and just let her live as she is.” 

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