Celebrity trainer Carlos Leon shares kitchen workout tips for the holidays

By Alexandra Hurtado

'Tis the season for eating! With the holidays in full swing, celebrity fitness trainer Carlos Leon shared with HELLO! his easy to follow tips to stay in shape this party season — even if you find yourself stuck in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

“Men and women can always do pushups, sit-ups and squats and lunges. Always, you can do that,” he said. “So if you can’t make it to the gym and you’re cooking but you want to still work out, you’ve got lunges, reverse lunges, you’ve got squats, you’ve got jumping squats, you’ve got pushups — there’s so much.”


Haylie Duff shows off her culinary talents on Real Girl's Kitchen Photo: Instagram/@haylieduff

Naturally with the holiday season comes indulging on hearty meals and delectable treats, which is why the health guru recommended increasing the length of your workout. “If you’re going to eat a lot of food this holiday season, you have to know that you need to pick up your workout,” he said. “If you’re doing an hour and think that you’re going to be eating a lot of those foods, you have to pick up the workout another half hour.”


As for Lourdes Leon’s father, he is partial to quick workouts. “I’m always into high intensity, interval training. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years," Carlos shared. "I think if you’re working out six days a week with a half hour, I think it’s easier on the head as opposed to on the body. Some people say ‘I can’t work out six days a week,’ but if it’s a half hour workout you can do it.”

Carlos Leon encourages people busy preparing meals to take some breaks for a kitchen workout Photo: KMazur/WireImage

He added, “Everyone has half an hour a day or 15 minutes.”

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While it’s crucial for people of all ages to stay fit and active, Madonna’s ex advised that exercising newcomers to “take it easy, take it slow and do something that’s fun at first.”

Having a vision of your end goal is the best motivator to get started working out, the Belleon Body trainer suggested. “Have a photo or an image of what you want to see,” Carlos said. “You have to create what you want to see. You don’t want to get in shape, you want to be in shape, but you have to have a specific way of the way you want to look.”

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