Move over, flower crowns - there's a new hairstyle in town: boxer braids. Stars like Kim Kardashian have been rocking it since the beginning of the year while supermodel Karlie Kloss donned the look at the Topshop show during London Fashion Week


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However, you don't need an A-lister's beauty team to get the look – it's surprisingly easy to recreate the striking 'do. We take a look at how to master the boxer braids trend with a handy step-by-step guide – scroll below for the full tutorial

Step one:
It's easier to braid hair which is clean and knot-free, so shampoo and condition your locks before you start. Blow-dry your hair and then spritz a touch of texture or styling spray – this will make it easier to hold the style in place.

Step two:
Divide your hair into two sections with a middle part, which should go all the way back to the nape of your neck, as if you were tying your hair into pigtails. For a smooth line you might want to use a tail comb to section off your locks. Secure the two sections either with bobby pins or hair ties.

Karlie Kloss rocked the look during London Fashion Week
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Step three:
Loosen one of the sections. Take a small section of hair at the front of your head, and begin French braiding. Slowly begin to add more hair so that the braid gets thicker and longer.

Step four:
Keep working down the section, increasing the amount of hair you're braiding – make sure not to leave any strands loose as this style works best when it's impeccable. When you reach the ends of your locks, secure with a hair tie.

Step five:
Take the other section of hair and repeat, then secure with a hair tie. Spritz hairspray all over your head to ensure the style doesn't budge.

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