Valentine’s Day makeup you can count on to stay put

By Mary Peffer

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, a day date for lovebirds may very well lead into the evening and beyond. So as we approach the romantic day on February 14, we are taking a look at the beauty implications that pop up when you don’t know exactly how long an adventure will last. Will your mascara smudge? Your lipstick smooch off? Foundation get chalky? One thing is certain: it’s not a time to mess around with an unreliable makeup routine.

If the goal is to enhance your natural beauty, then it’s best to keep it simple. We’ve vetted tried-and-true products that will stay put for hours – scroll down for our list:

No doubt Eva Longoria chose a long-wearing lipstick in order to sample those Godiva chocolates!
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LIPS: Stain your pout
RMS Lip Shine in Sacred, $25,
A date is the perfect time to add a pop of color to your best accessory, a perfectly kissable pair of lips, but no one wants the evidence of romance displayed on their beau's shirt. Say sayonara to lipstick and opt to stain your pout before you go out with a gloss that will actually stay put. Remember, red lips bring out any yellow you may have in your smile, so select a hue with a hint of pink as it will brighten your lips in a festive way without calling attention to not-so-pearly whites.

EYELASHES: Tube your lashes
Blinc, $26,

Most of us kiss with our eyes closed, which is a one-way ticket to unwanted mascara ending up under eyes. Avoid unwelcome smudging by trying a tube mascara that will not move until you decide to wash it off. The Blinc application wand applies the formula to accentuate and darken the natural beauty of your lashes by plumping them up. The “tubes” dry and stay in place until you decide it’s time to come off.

EYEBROWS: Patch it perfect
Kimiko Super Fine Eyebrow Pencils, $25,
If you’re like us, you’ve been a victim of '90s over-plucking and are possibly left with brows more sparse than what you would prefer. Whether they are simply thinner now or you have unwelcome patches, the right pencil can help create the illusion of a fuller and more even brow. Don’t go too dark, stay slightly lighter than you think you will need, and brush on with a thin pencil using an upward motion.

Mary Kay Brow Gel, $10,
Since nothing takes years off a lady's face quite like a well manicured brow, this is one area we are really going to suggest you execute like a pro. Bring in the big guns — tame your natural brows by brushing on a clear gel that will hold hairs in their desired shape so things don’t go haywire during a snuggle session.

FOUNDATION: Fresh-faced is best
REN Satin Perfections BB Cream, $38,
Blushing is great, but red blemishes and sunspots are not as welcome. Apply a BB cream over your regular moisturizer — you can pat to apply all over or use to spot-treat redness and correct tiny imperfections. The REN formula firms and balances uneven skin tone, all while giving a matte look. It doubles as a lightweight sunscreen, so there’s one less thing you have to apply.

EYES: Matchy-matchy liner
Perfectly defined gel eyeliner, $25,
Applying eyeliner in a color close to the hue of your iris is probably the best way to give the appearance of larger, lively eyes. Bobbi Brown’s defined gel pencil will do just that and is easy to apply. We suggest using a dotting motion on the top of the lid, starting from the outside working in towards the center. To finish, gently pat the liner with your finger to set. The gel will stay in place for up to 12 hours.

TOUCH-UPS: Hydrate on the spot
Balm Dotcom, $12,
You can moisturize as usual before you hit the town, but if you are prone to dry skin, it’s nice to have something stashed in your purse to add instant relief on-the-go. We like the tiny pink tube of skin salve from Glossier. It comes cutely packaged and without the typical overbearing medicinal scent that goes along with other formulas in the same waxy texture.

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