Celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan's 8 tips to beat humidity

By Jordi Lippe

After a long winter of keeping hair under a hat or hood of a coat, there's nothing you want more than to let it all hang out and rock some glossy locks. Unfortunately, summer has its own set of issues. Between the heat, chlorine from a pool and sun, tresses are put through the ringer. The harshest thing of all is that humidity seems to creep up and take perfectly blow dried hair and turn it into a frizzy mess.

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Rina embraces her curly hair in the heat Photo: Instagram/@badgirlriri

Females in the spotlight are no different and also have the same hair woes. To find out exactly how they do tame their tresses, HELLO! went right to the source: Living Proof celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan. The hair guru has worked with stars like Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz and Michelle Williams over the years and is most recognized for working with Jennifer Aniston and creating "The Rachel" cut.

"Chris doesn’t live with me; I wish he did," Jennifer once told Yahoo Beauty. "I’ve learned a lot from Chris, and I have become very handy with a hair dryer and a round brush." The two even collaborated on the hair care line together with the actress saying she relies on the Restore Mask and beach spray to tame her mane.

Click on the picture below to read Chris' best tips and tricks he's learned over the years to beat the humidity. From doing nothing to trying an overnight conditioning cap, these are the top ways to tame your mane in the summer.

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Chris has carefully curated Jennifer's coif over the years Photo: Instagram/@mrchrismcmillan

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