Takis birthday cake

Takis, everyone's fave childhood snack, are given a gourmet twist

Claire Saffitz takes on the challenge of making gourmet Takis

Who doesn't love a good ol' bag of Takis? You love it, we love it, they love it — everyone loves it. There is no wrong way to enjoy these little bite-sized crunchy morsels of nostalgic goodness. You can literally have it on anything: donuts, avocado toast, cheesecake and so much more.

Takis burger©@takisusa
Takis are a beloved snack within the Latinx community

The Takis munching capabilities are as endless as the stars in the night sky (I mean, have you tried counting the stars?). Whether you are a Fuego, Nitro or Xplosion kind of person, you will always agree that there is never a wrong time to eat Takis either. And chances are that you will also agree that whenever you hear the name Takis, you will be transported to a special place in time in your life and almost immediately your food sensory motors will kick in and your mouth will water.

Takis cheesecake©@takisusa
Takis has developed a serious cult status and following over the years

This week Bon Appetit's Pastry Chef Claire Saffitz takes on the challenge of giving Takis a gourmet spin on her video series Gourmet Makes. In the video, you see Claire in the busy test kitchen at Bon Appetit HQ as she stumbles her way through the recipe (even calling in a lifeline to senior food editor Rick Martinez) of trying to make gourmet Takis.

From struggling to find the right tortilla recipe to make the Takis to learning how to properly roll each individual little Takis, Claire (whose video series has garnered a strong following of viewers on social media) goes through over a dozen test batches until reaching her goal. Check out all the hilarity in the video below!