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Cooking with flavor

How to make infused cooking and dressing oils that will surprise your guests

Homemade infused oils are less expensive than store-bought bottles, and they taste (and look) great

The only thing you need to prepare delicious homemade infused oils—in addition to good olive oil, which is the base of this recipe—are glass jars or containers to keep them, and a pan, or a blender, in some cases. Easy right?

And to further convince you to start filling your pantry with these aromatized oils, it’s important to highlight that they will give a very personal and different touch to your dishes, enhancing their flavor. In addition to the benefits of olive oil (essential food in a Mediterranean diet), we have to count the other qualities included in the herbs, spices and ingredients that you use: from the antibiotic properties of garlic to the diuretic benefits of thyme or those of peppermint that help us with digestion.

The ingredients with which you choose to infuse an oil can be hundreds, in addition to the uses that you can give it, but the simplest, without a doubt, is to put a couple of tablespoons on a plate to dip bread. It's a perfect appetizer!

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