Gaucho Buenos Aires©Gaucho Buenos Aires

Meet the designers behind Argentina's up-and-coming luxury brand Gaucho – Buenos Aires

Get to know the designers featured in our latest Hola! Couture

Luxury and contemporary design merge within one of Argentina’s rising high-end labels, Gaucho – Buenos Aires. The brand founded by entrepreneur Scott Mathis and headed by Argentine designers Carmen Vils and Guido Spangenberg blends Argentina’s heritage with a sophisticated and modern outlook. The term Gaucho is a national symbol of Argentina and refers to the nomadic horsemen of the South American pampas.

With a retrospect to urban Argentina, Gaucho – Buenos Aires takes the essence of the artisan tradition and equestrian culture and injects it into everything from edgy leather jackets to refined handcrafted ponchos and more covetable pieces for both men and women. Keep reading to discover more about this luxe up-and-coming brand.

Gaucho Buenos Aires©Gaucho – Buenos Aires
Gaucho Buenos Aires merges artisan tradition with modern luxury

How did Gaucho come about?

"Gaucho – Buenos Aires is the result of more than a decade’s investment in Argentina’s heart and soul. It adds a high-end fashion and accessories e-commerce sector to its collection of luxury assets. Gaucho Holdings’ portfolio includes an e-commerce driven high-end fashion and accessories brand, internationally acclaimed fine wines, a wine-themed real estate development and luxury boutique hotels."

Do you only highlight Argentine designers?

“Our designers are all Argentine. Gaucho – Buenos Aires connects buyers with some of Buenos Aires’ best creative talents that harness the country’s unique heritage and artisanship of products such as leather goods and accessories.”

Gaucho Buenos Aires©Gaucho Buenos Aires
The luxe brand offers an array of covetable pieces for men and women

What story do you want your designs to tell?

“Argentina's tradition of craftsmanship, in particular its highly sought-after leather, lends itself beautifully to a wide range of accessories. A silk scarf tied at the neck; the swagger of a poncho or a gaucho hat; a bold belt cinched with purpose – these elements are integral to the Gaucho Buenos Aires aesthetic, giving the wearer the freedom to reinterpret their look, time and again.”

How do you find inspiration for your unique designs?

“Our recent collections are inspired by the spirit of gaucho culture and the elegance of a city once dubbed the Paris of the South. Our designers have drawn on a rich seam of influences, and the result are collections that incorporate the best of Buenos Aires craftsmanship into sleek silhouettes that speak to a modern, global, cultured consumer.”

Gaucho Buenos Aires designers©Gaucho Buenos Aires
Carmen Vils and Guido Spangenberg are the designers headlining Gaucho

Who is the Gaucho customer?

"Since we launched in the U.S., we’d had a great response. Our target market is the affluent consumer looking to discover a new and fresh brand in the affordable luxury segment."

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