Katy Perry on her favorite outfit: 'I look like Elton John's sister in it'

Wherever Katy Perry goes, she turns heads in whatever she is wearing. From glitzy numbers to rainbow-colored ensembles, the pop princess constantly shows off her eclectic style, but there is one outfit in her closet she can't live without. "I'd wear my Adidas black and white tracksuit," she tells HELLO! Fashion Monthly's October issue. "It’s the one thing I wear consistently and always have in my suitcase."

The 30-year-old, who is also the face of Moschino, continues: "I look like Elton John’s sister in it, but it’s my go-to suit. It’s kind of like my armour because I don’t get stopped in it and that gives me space to grow as an artist."

Katy Perry talked all things fashion with HFM Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to her famously high fashion wardrobe, the "I Kissed A Girl"hitmaker revealed there's one city she always turns to for her effortlessly cool outfits. "I'd go shopping in London," she admits. "I love Liberty so much because it feels like you're in the quintessentially English place. And I love Dover Street Market for their presentation and they have lots of cool young stuff like Moschino and Versace at Brown's. There's a section in the one that's by Claridge's that's a little crazy and very pop."


The star is currently the face of Moschino Photo: Getty Images

The California native, who is celebrating the launch of her third fragrance Mad Potion, also opened up in the new issue about her favorite beauty treatments and revealed what she does every morning to prepare for the day.

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