Are You Listening? New campaign tackles mental health with leading Latinx voices
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Are You Listening? New campaign tackles mental health with leading Latinx voices

Sasha Merci, Josie Rosario, and Carlos Gomez discuss cultural stigmas and Latinx experiences

The four-part digital content series “The Healing of Us” and community campaign Are You Listening? give accessibility of resources that promote mental health within Latinx communities. The initiative is now live on HBO Max Pa’lante! social platforms and HBO Max YouTube channel.

The short film, led by mental health experts and prominent Latinx voices Sasha Merci, Josie Rosario, and Carlos Gomez, addresses the stigmas behind mental health across Latin American communities.

During the roundtable discussion, panelists shared their unique experiences and highlighted clips from HBO Max’s “Habla Now” and “Habla Men” segments.

“We are constantly hurting each other. No one is stepping back and asking what am I doing wrong and how do I heal the inner child that was never able to heal?” asked comedian, writer, and co-lead actress from the HBO Max film, De Lo Mio, Sasha Merci. “Seek help in the best way that you can. Reach out to your community, reach out to people you feel you can trust…it‘s about being around people that are trying to heal as much as you. If we can heal ourselves, we can heal an entire community,” she added.

Created also to be visually rich, the set features iconic symbolism found in barbershops and hair salons. The aesthetic explains how these establishments have become a safe space to share experiences, emotions, and transition to adulthood.

Throughout the conversation, the panelists share their journey towards therapy, the generational differences and, most importantly, privilege in language, emotional intelligence, communal affordability and accessibility, the negative connotations around men and emotional expression, and collective healing.

“Our partnership with WORD and the universal experiences shared in “Habla” have provided us with thought-provoking and engaging conversations that need to be had in our community,” said Jessica Vargas, Director, Multicultural Marketing, HBO Max and HBO. “We set out to make an impact with the launch of Pa’lante this year and this collaboration is exactly the work we want to elevate, as it embraces all of our experiences and backgrounds.”