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Exclusive: The new era of Latino podcasts

HOLA! USA presents a select group of celebrities and comedians who have ventured into podcasts to help create a direct dialogue with their followers

There are not one, not two, but six new podcasts that Pitaya Entertainment brings us in 2021. The lineup of personalities and influencers is vast, covering a diversity of interests that will undoubtedly excite Latin audiences.

Ana Patricia Gámez, Jomari Goyso, Giselle Blondet, Alejandra Espinoza, José Eduardo Derbez and Joanna Hausmann, among other personalities, will share weekly podcasts covering topics ranging from motherhood, humor, identity, relationships, empowerment, and issues of daily life.

According to the first Latino Podcast Listener Report, published by Edison Research, an estimated one quarter of Latinos in the United States are monthly podcast listeners. Additionally interesting, 45% of Latino adults in the US have been immersed in a podcast, according to the report. Although there are many interesting Latino podcasts, such as Latina to Latina, Spanish Aquí Presents, Radio Ambulante, it is always gratifying to see the expanding portfolio of options that Latinos can enjoy.

HOLA! USA had the pleasure of interacting with this new era of podcasters, hand in hand with Pitaya. These podcasts can be heard for free on Pitaya’s platform. Do not miss behind the scenes, interviews and the spectacular photos of each of their new podcasts’ protagonists.

New Era of Latino Podcasts©Hola
Photo: Kike Flores | Hair and makeup: Millie Morales & Marcos Peña |Stylist: Reading Pantaleón

Alejandra Espinoza, ‘Entre hermanas’

For the television star and former queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina, it is important to have quality communication at home. She then shares her opinions on issues that are of interest to women with her followers.

As a result of the dialogue with her sister, Damaris Jiménez, the podcast was born. It focuses on female empowerment based on Alejandra’s experiences and the professional advice of her best friend. “My sister is a psychologist and a life coach. She focuses on family and the contribution that she gives to ‘Entre Hermanas’ is spectacular,” the Mexican commented excitedly. Listen to conversations, advice, concerns and other topics every Thursday, through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and YouTube.

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“We have a great time, we laugh a lot. I learn a lot from my sister and at this moment in my life I am going through a transition where I am eager to change my mentality, to change my way of being, to change my habits,” reveals Alejandra Espinoza during the interview with HOLA! USA. One of the things that inspires Espinoza about this new adventure is that she has the opportunity to freely express herself. “I love being able to talk, expand and suddenly want to cry and continue with something because it is true that on television they do an interview and you don‘t know what is going to come out ... On the podcast, you have the freedom to express yourself as you please, as much as you can,” she confessed.

Alejandra Espinoza, Entre Hermanas Podcast©Hola
Photo: Kike Flores | Hair and makeup: Millie Morales & Marcos Peña |Stylist: Reading Pantaleón

Ana Patricia Gámez, ‘Sin Filtro’

Since the launch of her podcast, the Univision presenter has had overwhelming support and quickly positioned ‘Ana Patricia Sin Filter’ as one of the most listened to podcasts. The host of Enamorándonos USA shares her perspective on family life, professional success and well-being in ‘Ana Patricia Sin Filter.’

The 33-year-old Mexican has become an authoritative voice, with many millions of followers, a direct reflection and culmination of her decade long media career. You can hear ‘Ana Patricia Sin Filter,’ every Wednesday. “I love having new projects and that‘s how I got involved in this project. It is a platform where you can connect with people. They can meet you and you can speak with practically no filter. It is my space and I know that people love it,” she says.

Through this podcast, Ana Patricia addresses personal and sensitive issues, including the loss of her father, in order to help people that are going through a similar situation and find it difficult to overcome.

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“I feel that showing myself in this way can leave me a little more exposed because when I‘m recording I’m not thinking about what I’m saying. I’m just saying what comes off my chest because they are getting to know how Ana Patricia is and why I have no limits,” she adds. Mother of two, Giulietta and Gael, Ana Patricia seeks to connect with her followers, when she gets a break from her little ones. “I try to do it when Gael is taking a nap and when my daughter is at school because with the two of them at home it is very difficult, having that moment to concentrate and talk, but everything has been very fluid.”

Ana Patricia Sin Filtro con Ana Patricia Gámez©Hola
Photo: Kike Flores | Hair and makeup: Millie Morales & Marcos Peña |Stylist: Reading Pantaleón

Giselle Blondet, ‘¡Ay, mamá!’

If we talk about experienced voices, regarding all aspects of life, we have to address Giselle Blondet. The renowned actress, presenter and writer joins her daughter, Gabriella Pabón, in a family partnership that explores themes alluding to the demanding challenges that motherhood presents and the joys and dilemmas in raising children.

The Puerto Rican, together with whom she frequently calls her “tropical storm,” takes us on a journey that explores moments that are shared at home. The podcast that shares an honest and revealing conversation concerning topics that are of interest to mothers and women is released every Tuesday. “Years ago we had the dream of working together where we could talk about the opinions of different generations. Aw mom! It is a conversation between two different generations about the issues that matter to us women. Of course, it has a lot to do with experiences as mothers, with how I raised my daughter and how my daughter is raising her child now,” she says.

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Additionally, becoming a grandmother has Blondet a broader perspective in relation to her daughters. On multiple occasions she has had HOLA! USA share the incredible bond she has created with her granddaughter, Sophia. In December 2020, she announced that her second grandson or granddaughter was on the way, as her “butterfly,” Andrea, was pregnant.

“In these talks with my daughter, I have realized that being a mother is the best and we live with a constant guilt that we shouldn‘t, but I think that we, since the moment we know that we are pregnant, the guilt begins. I feel like I gave them enough time, that I didn’t raise her the way I should have, etc.,” she clarifies. The Puerto Rican star also revealed that she is grateful to have the opportunity to help women feel comfortable with motherhood on this podcast. She is also grateful to grandmothers who wisely handle family processes that can often get out of hand.

¡Ay, Mamá! con Giselle Blondet y Gabriella Pabón©Hola
Photo: Kike Flores | Hair and makeup: Millie Morales & Marcos Peña |Stylist: Reading Pantaleón

José Eduardo Derbez, el mago de las risas

With more than approved credentials in comedy, José Eduardo Derbez makes humor treatment for the soul. In the episodes of his podcast, “El Pedcast,” the son of renowned actor and producer Eugenio Derbez, speaks ironically about the reality of his native Mexico from the points of views of nighttime, anecdotal entertainment and different stories that derive from an adventure in a city that has a lot to tell. “My intention is to get people to listen, have fun, learn new things, different things, laugh a little so that they forget all the chaos that is in the world right now,” he warns with a smile. Every Wednesday, the member of the Derbez dynasty is in charge of interviewing different characters who are engaged in all kinds of curious and fun occupations.

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“I was encouraged to do this because I heard so many very serious podcasts, very calm, very lazy all of a sudden, more intense ... so I thought of doing something more relaxed when talking about topics related to partying and jobs that are very rare in this world. I wanted to interview these types of people and put the drink aside,” he explains. Victoria Ruffo’s son has been taking firm steps on social networks and as part of this new era of delivering the news to his followers, he has surprised us with his versatility to create content on different platforms. Very soon we will also see him as part of the second season of the series ‘De viaje con los Derbez,’ with the funniest Latin family.

El Pedcast con José Eduardo Derbez©Hola
Photo: Kike Flores | Hair and makeup: Millie Morales & Marcos Peña |Stylist: Reading Pantaleón

Joanna Hausmann y Jenny Lorenzo, en busca de una identidad

There is no better way to address cultural identity like Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo do in their podcast “Hyphenated.” Through sarcasm and comedy, the pair respectfully address the realities of many LatinX people who live in the space between Latin and American values. Through the incredible collective sense of humor, both comedians have developed their comedy around their biculturalism, this podcast is a master class in the truths that many LatinX families live.

The duo makes us laugh every Thursday with their funny portrayals of the customs that so often characterize, and often divide, the thinking of the generations that have been born on American soil. “We live in a world in which identity is very fluid. It is not one thing or the other, but several at the same time. In my content I try to find who I am in this world. I am Venezuelan, I am American, am I Jewish, am I English ... who am I? My friend, Jenny, is also in the same existential crisis with her comedy, because she doesn‘t know if she is Cuban or American,” says Joanna.

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For Joanna, comedy has always been the easiest way to express herself. “When I create content, the comedy that has best worked for me is one in which I notice something in the opposite culture, because I always say that ‘the fish does not know that it is in the water,’ and when you have multiple cultures, you know when you are out of the water. I find humor when comparing cultures and I think the only way I can do that is by having multiple cultures,” says Joanna. Multimedia, new narratives and innovative formats are the modern tools that Joanna and Jenny use as allies for the even distribution of their collective genius, by touching on the reference points with which many of us identify. “Basically, we always talk on the phone and address the many related things in our cultures, and ironically, thanks to humor, I have found myself,” says Hausmann.

Hyphenated with Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo©Hola
Photo: Kike Flores | Hair and makeup: Millie Morales & Marcos Peña |Stylist: Reading Pantaleón

Jomari Goyso, un rebelde con causa

For the fashion and beauty expert, there are no middle terms when it comes to expressing his opinions in a medium where sincerity is like a hard-to-find jewel.

With the brutal honesty that characterizes him, Jomari Goyso gives us “Sin Rodeo,” a podcast where he speaks openly about the entertainment industry, released every Friday. “I think people have understood my way of being and the program is me, without detours. I always have a guest because I‘m not into monologues ... I am into monologues but I always get bored of listening to myself. I like talking with one person more because I think it is easy for me to listen and connect with the other,” he says. The Spaniard and his guests are responsible for analyzing the most important entertainment events with a critical and in-depth look behind the scenes. The co-host of Sal y Pimienta (Univision) is convinced that a productive conversation can be achieved, with a different perspective and without reaching the confrontation.

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“I have a very special connection with the audience. They know what I am like and they respect that. If there are topics that I want to talk about and I talk about them, people will appreciate them and if there are other topics that are not really my thing, they also appreciate it. People respect honesty and I have always been honest,” he explains. Funny and enigmatic with his personal life, the presenter also reveals that at some point he would like to be able to interview his beloved mother, with whom he has a series of conversations by text message that have fascinated his followers. “I know that the most expected thing is that I have a conversation with my mother, but the reality is that I do not know if I am ready for my mother to tell me reality. I think my mother would do it, because she reads people‘s messages and says that people love her very much, but it’s something that I have to think about,” he concludes.

Sin Rodeo con Jomari Goyso©Hola
Photo: Kike Flores | Hair and makeup: Millie Morales & Marcos Peña |Stylist: Reading Pantaleón
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