The Queen and The Crown: A Virtual Exhibition of Costumes

See costumes from ‘the Queen’s Gambit’ and ‘The Crown’ with this Virtual Exhibition

Go behind the scenes with Netflix and the Brooklyn Museum with this stunning online experience!

We are all prepared for the new normal, this means a different way to visit museums! Museums as well as art galleries have done their very best to adjust to current challenges. Thus, Netflix has joined forces with the Brooklyn Museum for a fantastic, one-of-a-kind costume design exhibit, featuring the most impressive designs of the original series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and ‘The Crown’.

This exhibit has been quite a success so far bringing viewing rooms online. It presents a detailed look at fashion and costumes design that we often don’t get to see up close.

The Queen and The Crown: A Virtual Exhibition of Costumes from "The Queen’s Gambit" and "The Crown"'©Hola

The Museum is showing a digitally rendered and totally interactive 360-degree views of each of the costumes displayed on daylight at the Beaux Arts Court. This is place is a bathing sunlight that emanate through the numerous windows on the third floor -a space normally reserved for parties and performances. It’s a great opportunity for a more detailed observance of each of the garments and their accessories since normally costume exhibitions are held in dark rooms to preserve the clothes.

Brooklyn Museum displays Netflix royalty wardrobe in “The Queen and the Crown”©THEQUEENANDTHECROWN.COM

Matthew Yokobosky is the senior curator this virtual exhibit, he comments “Conversations about doing a virtual exhibition started back in June when museums realized the Coronavirus pandemic was going to keep potential visitors in lockdown for much longer.”

Yokobosky is a huge fan of ‘The Crown’ and his creator, Peter Morgan. He is fascinated by Morgan’s high quality work, impecable in every sense, and the exquisite costume designs created by Amy Roberts. In addition, Yokobosky was also very impressed by The Queen’s Gambit’s art direction and costume designs by Gabrielle Binders -inspired by the black and white geometrical chess game boards.

From the beginning, Yokobosky insisted on including a 3D rendering of Princess Diana’s emblematic wedding gown (one of the most famous images of the 80’s decade, and maybe the most photographed wedding gown in history.) This is most exciting piece of the exhibit for the curator. Also, we can see looks like Margaret Thatcher’s electric blue ‘Power Suit’ and some of the most beautiful looks worn by Beth Harmon on ‘The Queen’s Gambit.’

Go behind the scenes with Netflix and the Brooklyn Museum with this stunning online experience.©THEQUEENANDTHECROWN.COM

The interactive website also includes some very interesting artworks. This includes the ancient Egyptian board game ‘Senet’, photographs by Arthur Tress, and a fabulous portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Guyanese British artist Hew Locke.

To complete the virtual experience, there is a panel discussion with Binder, Roberts, and Yokobosky, moderated by Ruth E. Carter.

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