josh duhamel near death video

Josh Duhamel almost dies while filming JLo’s Shotgun Wedding movie: See the clip!

The actor shared scary footage from his near-death experience with Jimmy Fallon

Josh Duhamel is a lucky man! The 48-year-old actor revealed that he survived a near-death experience while filming the upcoming rom-com Shotgun Wedding. Duhamel stars opposite Jennifer Lopez in the flick which sees an extravagant destination wedding seized by criminals. Well, it seems the Life As We Know It leading man was seized by a tidal wave while hanging out on location in the Dominican Republic. And the wildest part is that he has the video to prove it!

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While paying a virtual visit to the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor told the tale. “So I had some time off. Right below where my green room was was this beautiful little cover,” Josh said. “Earlier in the shoot it was this perfectly calm turquoise little cove. I actually jumped off this platform into the water and swam over to the beach and walked back.” A week later, the waters grew restless.

“Well, about a week later this place was completely different, because the ocean was really tumultuous that day,” he continued to tell Jimmy. “The waves were crashing like 30 feet in the air. This rogue wave comes up as I’m video taping this thing and literally washed me almost over the edge of this cliff!” What saved him? “Thankfully there’s this razor sharp coral that’s there that held me up.”

Duhamel didn’t emerge unscathed, in fact it seems he has many battle wounds. “It turned me into a hamburger on many parts of my body afterward,” the dad-of-one added. “It was one of the near-death experiences of my life for sure.”

“Don’t mess with mother nature!” Jimmy exclaimed, chuckling at the crazy video. Josh joined in saying: “I can laugh about it now, and I’ve never told anybody. You’re the first person I’ve shown that too. If I had shown that to Lionsgate, they probably would’ve kicked me off the movie.”

Based on the Shotgun Wedding photos that have already surfaced, the setting does seem to be as alluring as Duhamel paints it. At one point, his iconic co-star JLo also looked a little worse for wear onset, but in a glamorous way, of course. She sported fake scrapes and blood stains like chic accessories for a scene. Sounds like it was an epic time both on and off set.