Everything you need to know about ‘Malverde: El Santo Patrón’

The long-awaited Telemundo series finally has a premiere date

People have been eager for Telemundo to finally reveal the release date of their new show Malverde: El Santo Patrón and it is finally here. The network announced on their Instagram Monday the long-awaited show will premiere next month on September 28t, at 10 pm ET. Starring renowned actor and singer Pedro Fernández the television series is based on true events and the life of the bandit Jesús Malverde, who has a legacy as the “Mexican Robin Hood.” Filled with action, romance, and period costumes, the television series will battle it out in the war for a prime-time audience. Here’s everything you need to know.

This is one of Telemundo’s most ambitious productions, having worked with a team of more than 190 people to erect a complete town from the early 1900s with full-scale buildings that recreate the ambiance of the time. [Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios]


Photographs are hanged on the walls of t©GettyImages

The show focuses on the life and legacy of Malverde, who was supposedly born in 1870. “Supposedly,” because his existence has never been verified. A man with many nicknames, he is sometimes known as “angel of the poor” or the “narco-saint” and is a folklore hero in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. He is believed to have been born Jesús Juarez Mazo, and like any good superhero story, he went rogue after the death of his parents. After the first railroad was built in his birthplace Sinaloa, he watched as the community underwent a rapid socio-economic transformation that only benefited a few elite while the vast majority of the population struggle economically.

Depending on the story, his parents died of hunger or another disease that could have been prevented if not for poverty. Once he went into a life of banditry he ”robbed the rich to help the poor” and was given the nickname Malverde or “evil” green. He defended the innocent, poor, other ”criminals,” and is said to have completed miracles like personal blessings and healings. Malverde was captured in 1909 and was hung from a tree as a warning, and burying him was prohibited. His bones were later covered with stones by the towns people as a show of respect.

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Fernandez is returning to the screen afters stepping back from acting for almost 7 years. The cast also includes Mexican actress Carolina Miranda, Mark Tacher, Alejandro Nones, Luis Felipe Tovar, Isabella Castillo, Ivonne Montero, Sofía Castro, Miguel de Miguel, Ramón Medina, Alan Slim, Claudio Roca, Mariaca Semprún, María del Carmen Félix, Adrián Makala, Candela Márquez, Humberto Elizondo, Salvador Sánchez, Lukas Urkijo and Kenneth Lagunes.