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Michelle Rodriguez’s character on ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ is pure power

The Dominican and Puerto Rican descent actress can be seen filming with Justice Smith and Chris Pine

Michelle Rodriguez is currently filming scenes for the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons adaptation film. We can tell her character is a firecracker in the latest paparazzi photos, although yet to be revealed.

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Hugh Grant, Michelle Rodriguez And Chris Pine Shoot Scenes For Dungeons And Dragons Film Epic In Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

The Dominican and Puerto Rican descent actress can be seen focused at Carrickfergus Castle in Northern Ireland. In the images, the 42-year-old Texas native is wearing an armored vest while fighting a dragon alongside her castmates Justice Smith and Chris Pine. For the take, her character will be wearing braids and a bare face.

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Michelle Rodriguez films dramatic fight scenes for Dungeons & Dragons in Northern Ireland

Although the movie star seems to be in rage during the fight when it is time to take a break, she can be seen having the time of her life and making jokes with Pine.

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Actors Chris Pine with Sophia Lillis having a laugh on set between scenes during filming of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ on a ‘dragon boat’ in the harbour beside Carrickfergus Castle in County Antrim. Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis, Justice Smith and Chloe Coleman were all on set with director Jonathan Goldstein.

The making of Paramount’s upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie was announced via Twitter by the film’s director Jonathan Goldstein. “The campaign begins. #DnD” he said, sharing a photo.

The movie’s plot is inspired by the original 1974 Dungeons & Dragons fantasy tabletop role-playing game designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

Immediately after the news was published, fans of the game flooded social media with comments, begging the director and writers to please stay away from predictable endings. “All I ask is please God don’t have the last scene being a reveal that the entire movie was just a group of kids playing D&D in a basement somewhere,” a person tweeted. “Please, please get this right...also, don’t take that the wrong way but I’m sure you’ve seen what came before?” another fan said.

The cast of the Dungeons & Dragons movie also includes Regé-Jean Page. “Can’t wait to see the Brilliant Regejean Page in Action. Regejean Page is Sexy Sexier Sexiest Man Alive and Handsome Too Undeniable. Great Actor Speaker Dancer Singer and Writer. He’s a Rare Gem. Let’s go Regejean Page,” a big fan of the actor wrote.