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[BTS] Sisqo returns to the music scene with Reggaeton star JD Pantoja with new single

25-year legendary music veteran is back to the music scene with a global release of ‘La Thong,’ an official Latin-inspired musical sequel to the iconic 1999 ‘Thong Song.’

Sisqo returns to the music scene with Mexican urban artist JD Pantoja. The song, ‘La Thong,’ is the sequel to the iconic 1999 ‘Thong Song’. Produced by Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum selling producer Toy Selectah, ‘La Thong’ brings back the catchy anthem phenomenon of today’s Latin and urban culture.

This is the 22nd anniversary of the ‘Thong Song’ and the sequel is a Latin-inspired musical global release that celebrates Sisqo’s nearly 25-year music career.


Sisqo and JD Pantoja©virtual icons

Sisqo` and JD Pantoja releases a re-imagined version for the global Latin market.

“This song is iconic and will forever be a hit for so many. After 22 years and having the ability to work with a young talent like JD who has captured the hearts of so many in Latin America – this is sure to explode all over the world.” [Sisqo]

The music video retains the spring break theme and rhythmic flair on the beach of Mexico City and Cancun. JD Pantoja is one of the industry’s newest promises bringing crowd-adrenaline reggaeton music to millions of fans worldwide.

“When I received the call to work with Sisqo and the original Thong Song, I was pumped. This song has an excitement that will get the clubs popping and everyone dancing.” [JD Pantoja]

This team is a powerful one. Sisqo is one of the most famous musicians on the planet at the beginning of the new millennium and JD is a Mexican urban music artist, who in a short time, has brought music to millions of fans worldwide - one of the newest promises of Latin American music.

A bit of history - ‘Thong Song’

The song was released as the second single from his 1999 solo debut studio album ‘Unleash the Dragon.’ It became an earth-smashing hit single garnering four Grammy nominations, numerous awards, and millions of streams throughout the 21st century. Known as the lead singer of the Infamous R&B Supergroup ‘Dru Hil’l, Sisqo is a music genius with more than thirty million records sold under his belt.

Present - ‘La Thong’

This project is brought to us by VirtualCons’ new music division. ““When we decided to expand VirtualCons to add a music division, we knew exactly who we wanted to work with first, Sisqo. His Thong Song was the anthem for many of us during our high school and college years,” said 3 Fams CEO, Michael Mota. “We knew a new audience needed to hear it and we wanted to add something extra – In comes JD Pantoja, a Latin and Reggaeton Star – Putting the two of them together allowed us to make MAGIC.”

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