Charlie Hunnam

These two actors could play the iconic role of James Bond

Fans of the British actor have expressed on social media he would be perfect as the 007 agent but thinks there might someone else ahead on the list.

Charlie Hunnam is putting out into the universe his desire of being the next James Bond, confessing he would be “flattered and honored” to be considered for the iconic role.

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The British star is aware of Daniel Craig’s final portrayal of the character in the upcoming spy film No Time To Die, alongside Ana De Armas, however he thinks the offer is not coming for him, adding that his “intuition” makes him feel like he shouldn’t wait “for that phone call to come.”

Charlie admitted that he thinks there’s “many people ahead” of him “on that list,” but he is yet to hear any rumor involving a new actor in charge of the legendary part.

Commenting that “nobody’s ever on a professional level from within the industry, brought that up to me,” but it’s still very exciting as “fan dialogue.”

Fans of the 40-year-old actor have expressed on social media he would be perfect as the 007 agent, and as much as he feels extremely flattered, he thinks Tom Hardy would be ahead of him on the list of A-List actors.

Hunnam revealed that he thinks Hardy is “really the front runner” for the popular franchise, adding that it would be “sensational,” and that he is “an enormous Tom Hardy fan” so he would love to see him on screen as James Bond.

The actor is still not losing hope entirely and urged fans to continue the dialogue, admitting that “maybe fan chatter leads to industry people actually talking about it in a more serious way.”

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