Princess Eugenie's third wedding look

Princess Eugenie’s secret THIRD wedding look is nothing a royal’s ever worn – and it will shock you!

After donning a stunning custom wedding gown and contrasting evening reception look, Princess Eugenie further strayed from tradition with a design we can’t say we’ve ever seen a royal wear before. Her exciting third celebratory ensemble is shockingly modern and down-to-earth in comparison with her very traditional white Peter Pilotto and sleek rose-blush Zac Posen dresses. Couture designer Sam Dougal, of design house Gainsbourg, took to Instagram to reveal the 28-year-old bride’s day-after wardrobe choice for her festival-themed family event.

Princess Eugenie third ensemble was Pink Lady perfection Photo: Instagram/@samsondougal

Carnival-like gatherings call for fun fashion choices, so Eugenie shed her more proper ceremony stylings for a totally different aesthetic at her family’s home-held event on Saturday, October 13. The unconventional outfit stayed true to wedding customs with its white hue, but that’s about it. The woman of the hour wore a white mini dress and silk pink bike jacket, which cheekily had “Mrs. Brooksbank” embroidered on the back in her very own glittering handwriting. 

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Introducing, Mrs. Brooksbank! Photo: Instagram/@samsondougal

Sam revealed details of her unexpected greaser look to Harper’s Bazaar, saying he designed it with two terms in mind: “fun and informality”. He collaborated with Eugenie's stylist Sarah Price to create the daring appearance, saying: "Much like Eugenie, the look is totally unique, and full of fun. It's a simple party dress with a modern jacket. And to imagine a royal bride in a biker jacket celebrating her wedding at Windsor Castle – it's fun and unexpected." 

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"You only get married once and Eugenie wanted to stay with white for the weekends celebrations," he continued to say to the publication, "The addition of a pale pink jacket moves it forwards into day one of her marriage, especially with what is written in embroidery on the back." Under the Gainsbourg label, Sam also created Eugenie's powder blue dress for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding in May this year.

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