Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra wedding dress

Meghan Markle cried when she said 'Yes to the Dress,' Priyanka Chopra says

Meghan Markle was brought to tears when she found the one — and no, we’re not talking about Prince Harry. The royal bride-to-be’s pal Priyanka Chopra revealed on Thursday, May 3, during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that her friend became emotional when she finally picked her wedding dress. When asked by Andy Cohen during a game of “Spill the Royal Tea,” if Meghan cried when she found her gown, Priyanka smiled and hid her face with her hands, prompting the talk show host and fellow guest Sebastian Stan to say “yes!”

Priyanka spilled the "Royal Tea" during a game on WWHL Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo

As for whether the future British royal is a “bridezilla,” she shrugged her shoulders. Priyanka also revealed that she knew of the royal engagement before it was officially announced on November 27 and that she has yet to purchase a wedding gift for Harry and his fiancée.

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The Indian beauty recently opened up to HOLA! USA about the American royal bride. “She’s a real relatable young woman,” Priyanka shared. “I wanted the world to see that because with their fascination with her right now, around her wedding and her being inducted into the royal family and all of that, it’s so great. I just wanted the world to see that she always cared about the world and that she’s someone who loved grocery shopping, and still does.” 

The actress revealed that she knew about the royal engagement before it was announced Photo: Instagram

The Quantico star noted that the pair’s relationship sets a great example for others. “I really do think that their love story, which is a really good love story for the modern generation, has made a cynical world sit up a bit,” Priyanka said. “A strong woman standing shoulder to shoulder with her man. I think that was important for me to write. To see her standing shoulder to shoulder with Harry is such a great example for woman to see that we don’t only have to be a plus one. You can have your own identity.”

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