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It's only been seven days into 2019, and Meghan Markle has already given us so much. Secrets to her flawless skin? Check. A twinning picture with none other than Kylie Jenner? Double check. And now, the Duchess of Sussex has gifted us with other head-turning news. Turns out, Prince Harry's wife could possibly (emphasis on possibly, people!) make a return to her role as cool chic/attorney Rachel Zane on Suits. 

The Suits producers are reportedly offering the Duchess of Sussex a multi-million dollar donation to the charity of her choice for her two-minute cameo Photo: Getty Images

Daily Mail reports that Suits producers are keen on getting Meghan to return to the show for one final episode. They're so keen that they're offering her a multi-million dollar donation to the charity of her choice. As for the details, it would see the Duchess reprising her role of Rachel Zane, but only in a two-minute clip shot in London.

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According to a source, the shooting "could be done in half a day or less" and would mirror Meghan's own life, meaning her character would be pregnant and living with her on-screen husband in the UK. There's no official word yet on whether Queen Elizabeth would be down for this, but Meghan already broke royal protocol last month, so really, anything is possible with the British royals.

Meghan Markle's potential cameo on Suits would mirror her real life—she'd be pregnant and living with her on-screen husband in the UK Photo: Getty Images

Back in 2017, Meghan opened up about her decision to transition out of acting when she and Prince Harry announced their engagement. "I think what's been really exciting as we talk about the transition of this out of my career, but into the role, is that, as you said, the causes that have been very important to me I can focus even more energy on, because very early out of the gate, I think you realise once you have access or a voice that people are going to listen to, with that comes a lot of responsibility which I take seriously."

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