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A lot can change in one year. Just ask Meghan Markle. Once upon a time, Meghan was an actress on the hit show Suits. Sure she might've dreamt of scoring a Golden Globe, but could she have ever imagined she'd be walking side by side with Prince Harry on her left and the Cambridges on her right during a crisp Christmas morning on the Sandringham estate? Probably not. But the Duchess of Sussex can now say she walked not one, but two of the annual famous walks. And as your resident royal whiz, we're here to divulge all the differences and similarities the fab four presented us with this season.  

Prince William and Kate Middleton walked alongside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their annual Christmas walk at Sandringham Estate Photo: Getty Images

Flashback to last year's Christmas walk, and it was the picture seen 'round the world. Prince William and Prince Harry looked dashing as ever with their respective navy and grey suits, but let's be honest, all eyes were on Prince Harry's then-fiancé. This was the first time Meghan joined the British royals for the annual tradition, and as expected, she dressed to the nines for the occassion. Wearing a Sentaler coat, brown Stuart Weitzman boots, and a caramel-colored fascinator paired with a brown Chloé bag. It was all anyone could talk about that morning. The other outfit that became the talk of the day was Kate Middelton's picture-perfect Christmas-inspired double-breasted Miu Miu coat and black fur hat ensemble. How could they ever top last year's looks? Answer: monochromatic outfits.

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That's right. This year, the British royals opted to go more chic for the outing by wearing one-colored outfits. Again, Prince William and Prince Harry looked dapper with dark-colored coats and shoes with no-frills accessories (please peep the Duke of Cambridge's light grey scarf). These were the ultimate in winter #inspo. But the true stars of the show were Kate and Meghan. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a stunning red ensemble. From her Catherine Walker red coat dress to her burgundy headband by Jane Taylor, the Duchess dazzled the legions of Norfolk onlookers on Christmas morning. Beside her, the Duchess of Sussex also impressed with her dark-colored outfit. She donned a full Victoria Beckham getup consisting of a midi dress, long coat, leather slouch boots, and Powder Box purse. *Brb, going shopping.*

The British royals dressed up for the Christmas Day Church service in 2017 Photo: Getty Images

Another noticeable difference from this year's royal affair was Meghan's curtsy. Last year, she made a valiant effort when Queen Elizabeth walked by, but the bent knee wasn't quite there. However, 2018 proved to be the year of Meghan in all aspects, including the curtsy. Notice the deep and poised bend of the knee on the righthand photo. It's a much more ~royal~ bend. 

Meghan's curtsy was notcieably deeper during this year's service Photo: Getty Images

The main contrast from this year's engagement was in our very own Duchess of Sussex. Unless you've been living under a rock, then you know that Meghan is pregnant! Although she wasn't seen holding the bump, you could clearly see her baby bump through her dark-colored dress. And as far as her due date, expect it to be sometime in spring. According to photographer Karen Anvil, the royal couple are "nearly there."  

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