The Duchess' tricked out ride! Discover the story behind this 'Katemobile' spotted on Instagram

The Duchess of Cambridge is famous for her flawless fashion, but now it seems her style could literally be stopping traffic! When Argentinian artist Adrian Valencia designed a mock-up picture of his vision of "The Katemobile" and posted it to his Instagram, the colorful imagining of a compact vintage car emblazoned with his renderings of Kate Middleton's outfits and hairstyles not only notched up thousands of likes, it also had many followers fooled into thinking it was a real vehicle cruising around London. Comments flooded in for the snap of the royally tricked out ride: "Is this real or photoshop!? Cool!", "Who is the owner? Wow!" and "I need this car!".


Argentinan artist Adrian, who lives in London, caused a stir when he posted his "Katemobile" photo mock-up on Instagram Photo: © Adrian Valencia

Yet the story behind the eye-catching creative vision is simple. "On my way to yoga I saw this car, and it was so cute, and so perfect," Adrian told HOLA! USA. "What better way to adapt the artwork to something unexpected like this car? An illusion."

The motif of Kate wearing some of her most famous millinery was inspired by Adrian's work HAT DAY!, a montage of the Duchess of Cambridge's colorful outfits and hairstyles, which he slightly adapted for the car theme. "I like the idea that her hair, even though still impeccable, is flowing in the wind on the Katemobile, in contrast with the original artwork," the illustrator told us, adding: "Kate is so modern and fresh with a great sense of her own style, so she makes a wonderful person to draw."


"Kate is so modern and fresh with a great sense of her own style, so she makes a wonderful person to draw," the illustrator told HOLA! USA  Photo: Courtesy of Adrian Valencia

As for his intended goal with the bright artwork, Adrian really only seems to have one: to make people happy. "My instagram @DrawAdrianDraw is about celebrating style in a friendly, happy way," he sweetly shared. "I like the idea that my followers have a nice and warm feeling when they come across my images. Something that makes them smile."

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Adrian's HAT DAY! print of Duchess Kate inspired the creative (albeit imaginary!) car Photo: © Adrian Valencia

This is not Adrian's first foray into royal art. The pop culture affaficionado has previously crafted pieces on members of the world-renowed family, including a dreamy drawing of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at their royal wedding. Other works feature fun illustrations like Kate Middleton on-the-go with all three of her children or the mom strutting with new sister-in-law Meghan, which you can check out on his Instagram or his website,

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