Kate Middleton visit to the Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice

Mia Murchison, the little girl who charmed Kate Middleton in Australia, has died

One of the children who made an impact on Kate Middleton during a 2014 royal tour has passed away. Mia Murchison, the little girl who left the Duchess of Cambridge with a smile on her face during a visit to Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice in Australia, died at the age of nine, earlier this month. “Mia died this morning at home in our arms,” her parents shared in an August 10 Facebook post. “So incredibly sad and beautiful. So very loved and adored.” In the days following the post, little Mia was buried. The little girl’s father took to Facebook to share another touching tribute.

Mia Murchison, the little girl who charmed Kate Middleton in 2014, passed away at the age of nine Photo: Marieke Jongerius/bounce4batten

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“Yesterday was the saddest and most beautiful day for our family. Mia’s casket had a simple wooden name plate that we will keep forever,” he wrote. “I never thought you could like a casket but hers was so beautiful covered in flowers and so very Mia.” He continued: “I loved it. I was never going to be ready for this goodbye but it was heavenly and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.” Mia lived with Batten disease since 2013, which took her eyesight and ability to walk. During the Duchess of Cambridge’s visit, Mia provided lots of laughs as she tried to steal Kate’s bouquet of flowers.

During the engagement where Kate met Mia, she told the crowd that she was "ready for a big sob" Photo: Getty Images 

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During their encounter, she also said the word “baby” to Kate, who replied: “Yes, I have a baby, baby George.” Kate’s visit to the hospice proved to be one of her most emotional engagements to date. While giving a speech, the mother-of-three told parents and staff that she was “ready for a big sob.” Adding: “The haven that you have created here is inspirational, and there is so much that you can share with each other as you continue to support and nurture those in your care.”

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