Royal family ties from around the world

One big happy royal family! Aside from sparkling style senses and regal behavior, did you know that royal families around the world also share some bloodlines? A new interactive Scandinavian ancestry tree by Expedia clearly shows the ties between European royals from different countries, employing over 200 years of royal history to do so. One interesting tidbit is that Prince Charles of Britain is cousins with Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine of Sweden. The English-Swedish link dates back even further, stemming from a woman who was dubbed “Europe’s grandmother”.

Prince Charles of Britain is cousins with Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria Photo: Getty Images

Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf’s grandmother Crown Princess Margaret of Connaught was from the English royal family. Margaret was the eldest daughter of Prince Arthur, the third son of Queen Victoria. To this day, Victoria is called “Europe's grandmother” because of the fact that her children married into different European royal houses. Her grandchildren occupied the thrones in almost all European countries at the beginning of the 20th century.

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King Harald V of Norway and Queen Elizabeth are second cousins Photo: WireImage

Another country with ties to the British royal clan is Norway. Reigning King Harald V of Norway is second cousins with Queen Elizabeth. Together they are patrons of the Anglo-Norse Society in London, which aims to advance the education of the citizens of Britain and Norway about each other's country and way of life. Interestingly enough, Harald is also the first foreign monarch in succession to the British throne, due to his descendance from King Edward VII of the United Kingdom.

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More fascinating truths can be discovered in the map, like the fact that the reigning King of Sweden is cousins with the current Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II. They share a grandfather, the former King of Sweden, Gustaf VI Adolf. The family tree mainly features the bloodlines of the royal families of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, but extends to England and the other Nordic countries. Give it a go here to learn more!

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