The most surprising royal interview ever? Princess Stephanie’s daughter reveals all on Instagram

All three of Princess Stephanie of Monaco's children are fans of Instagram, but the youngest, Camille Gottlieb, is the most active on the social media platform. The 20-year-old gives peeks of her royal life to her just over 55,000 followers, with recent photos showing her relaxing in a bikini and rocking a toy crown, but earlier this week she took the unprecedented step of using the Instagram Questions function, revealing more of her personal side than ever. "I'll respond to (almost) everything," Prince Albert and Princess Caroline's niece advised, and questions soon began pouring in, with queries about everything from her love life to her favorite movies – surprisingly, none by her famous grandmother Grace Kelly!

Camille, daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and granddaughter of Grace Kelly, surprised her followers with a lengthy Instagram Questions Q&A earlier this week Photo: Instagram/@camillerosegottlieb


Princess Stephanie's youngest also put to rest the reports that linked her to Paris Saint-Germain soccer star Kylian Mbappé. Last year, Camille shared a photo of herself with Kylian, captioning it with "MBAEPPE" and a heart, which sparked talk of a royal romance. And when a follower referred to her as "Her Royal Highness" – a title she doesn't actually possess – the young royal responded: "Just Camille is fine." Keep reading to see one of the most unique royal Q&As we've seen in quite a while!


How old are you? "I just turned 20." 

Are the rumors about Mbappe true? "No, and this is the last time I'll address that topic."

Are you single? "Yes."

Do you have any obligations according to the protocol of the principality? "Not in my private life."

Camille, center, with uncle and aunt Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco, generally keeps a low profile Photo: Getty Images

Which would you give up: your privileges as a "princess" or animal rights?
"I was born with both so I can't choose, but if you mean would I give up everyday comfort to save animals, the answer is yes. I would rather deprive myself of certain things to help animal welfare." 

What do you study?

Are there communication studies in Monaco? "There are courses at the International University of Monaco but I study in Nice."



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Do you like pizza or pasta? Pasta.

Goat cheese or mozzarella? Mozzarella.

Blonde or brunette? Chestnut with light eyes.

Bulbasaur, squirtle or charmander? "I'm torn between squirtle and charmander."


What is your favorite movie? "That's a dilemma, because there are so many movies and I like them all so much, but in my top three are Mean Girls, The Grinch and Un Homme Ideal."

Have you ever visited the United States? "Yes, I've been to New York many times, in Los Angeles once, in Las Vegas once, in Cullowhee [North Carolina] two or three times and in Miami once."

The 20-year-old royal, far right, with her sister Pauline Ducruet, far left, brother Louis Ducruet and future sister-in-law Marie Chevallier who are soon set to wed Photo: Getty Images

How many brothers you have? "I have three brothers and one sister: Louis my older brother, Pauline my older sister, and two younger siblings, Thomas and Maxime."

How many languages ​​do you speak? "I speak three: French, Italian and English. Now I am learning Russian."

Why are there people who are homophobic? "I don't understand it either, but mentalities are evolving (slowly, but evolving) and I 10000% support the gay community."

What music you prefer? "I also have many favorites ... But the ones I can listen to 24/7 days a week are (don't judge my weirdly different taste) Every Breath You Take by The Police, Victoire de Shy'm, Shameless by The Weeknd."

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