Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump doesn’t realize Queen Elizabeth is behind him in hilarious video

Queen Elizabeth and President Donald Trump met for the first time on Friday, July 13, and one moment in particular has the Internet cracking up. Following their introductions, Her Majesty and Melania Trump’s husband reviewed the troops at Windsor Castle. However it appears there was a moment of confusion as the British royal tried to maneuver herself around the American commander-in-chief, who did not realize the monarch was behind him. Some were quick to comment that President Trump did not bow to the 92-year-old. According to CNN, Former President Barack Obama also did not bow to the Queen when they met in 2011 at Windsor Castle. While at the site of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, Melania and the president enjoyed tea with Prince Philip’s wife. The trio must have had plenty to talk about as the American couple reportedly departed the castle 18 minutes later than planned.



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