Even Queen Elizabeth has World Cup fever: Watch hilarious clip with Prince Charles

Prince William and his kids aren’t the only British royal family members with World Cup fever. Ahead of England’s match against Sweden, a new clip of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles watching a soccer match at Buckingham Palace has surfaced on the Internet. The clip, which was made from a documentary that was released back in 2016, shows the monarch and her heir watching the game. "I think that was quite good," Her Majesty said after England defeated Sweden in a penalty shootout, to which Charles replied: "Yep."

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><img alt=VIEW GALLERY Her Majesty and Prince Charles watch the World Cup in a funny video ahead of England's match against Sweden Photo: BBC

England will play Sweden for a pass to the semi-finals on Saturday, July 6. While it’s unclear if the Queen, 92, and Charles, 69, will tune in to the game, Prince William certainly will. The Duke of Cambridge, who is President of the Football Association is an avid soccer fan. Kate Middleton’s husband has been watching the tournament since it first started and even tuned in during his historic tour of the Middle East

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The royal dad-of-three watched England beat Colombia in a penalty shootout earlier this week. Minutes after the game ended, William took to Kensington Palace’s Twitter account to tweet an excited, rare message to the team writing, “I couldn’t be prouder of @england - a victory in a penalty shootout! You have well and truly earned your place in the final eight of the #worldcup and you should know the whole country is right behind you for Saturday! Come on England! W."

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