Inside Kate Middleton's childhood in Jordan learning Arabic and reading the Quran

Long before moving into London’s Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton was a young girl living in Amman, Jordan with her parents and sister Pippa. The Duchess of Cambridge’s family relocated to the Middle East, where her dad Michael Middleton worked as a British Airways manager, when she was only two and resided there for nearly three years.  

During her time in Jordan, Prince George’s mom attended a British nursery, different than one she would have attended back in the UK. Kate was enrolled in Assahera nursery, one of the most expensive pre-schools in the area. The founder of the now-closed nursery, Sahera al Nabulsi, has previously spoken to The National UAE about Kate's experience.


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"The morning routine was to have all the children sitting in a circle where they would all sing Incy Wincy Spider, both in English and Arabic," Mrs. Nabulsi shared. "We would read one verse from the Quran to improve the children's Arabic and tell stories about the Prophet's companions, like Omar Bin Khattab. The idea was to reinforce concepts such as respect and love. Foreign children also learnt Arabic words when we grouped the children together. The teacher used to ask in Arabic, 'Who is wearing red today?' so that the children would recognize the colors."

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Kate was in a class of 12 children that was made up of British, Jordanian, American and Indian youngsters among other nationalities. Mrs. Nabulsi would dress up as Santa Claus for the children when they celebrated Christmas. Ramadan was also observed.

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At 9:30 a.m., the children would sit down for breakfast that included hummus, cheese and labneh. During break-time, the kids would play in the sandpit and feed the rabbits and ducks. Twice a month, Kate and her classmates would go on school trips to nearby places of interest like the Haya Cultural Centre. "Kate's father used to pick her up sometimes in his work uniform and the kids used to get very excited and run to see him," Mrs Nabulsi revealed. "But most of the time the mother [Carole] picked her up. She was always on time."

The Middletons returned to Berkshire in 1986 when Michael's posting came to an end. Their stay in Jordan was clearly a happy time for the family and is mentioned in the Duchess' biography on the royal family's website. During his historic 2018 tour of the Middle East, Prince William spoke of his wife’s time in Jordan saying: "She loved it here, she really did. She is very upset that I am coming here without her."

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