Princess Stephanie helps daughter Pauline and niece Jazmin kick off nine-day adventure

Start your engines! Prince Albert of Monaco’s daughter Jazmin Grimaldi and his niece Pauline Ducruet have officially hit the open road for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc. Jazmin, 26, and Pauline, 23, kicked off the nine-day race with an event in Nice, France on March 17. The royal cousins were joined at a photocall with fellow competitors – wearing matching pink vests decorated with sponsorship patches. Also along for the celebration was Pauline’s mother and Prince Albert’s sister, Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Before driving off, Jazmin took to her Instagram to share a shot of herself behind the wheel.


 target=VIEW GALLERY Jazmin flashed a smile as she prepared to depart for the Rallye des Gazelles Photo: Getty Images 

Princess Charlene's stepdaughter captioned the post: “En Route 🚙✈️🔜👭. 🇲🇦 Morocco here we come #team504@rallyeaichadesgazelles !!!!! #vivarallyeaichadesgazelles#gazelles2018 #monaco#nicetomorocco #japlin #vroomvroom I will be without technology for the rallye. NO technology or gps devices allowed!!!!! Just a map, compass, electric car, copilot and an open road!!! 🎉 Wish us luck, merci! #citroenemehari#itselectric #offhemap #desert#onceinalifetimeexperience.” In the photos, Jazmin flashed a bright smile as she rode off with her co-pilot, actress Kiera Chaplin.

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 target=VIEW GALLERY The Monaco royals had the support of Princess Stephanie ahead of the competition Photo: Getty Images 

Pauline also shared a photo featuring her co-pilot Schanel Bakkouche, which she captioned: "GREAT DEPARTURE !! ❤️ follow our adventures on @scha_po_gazelles for the insides of our @rallyeaichadesgazelles race 😁 direction MOROCCO 🇲🇦 @schanelb @rallyeaichadesgazelles @bumperoffroad @ premium.monaco @parkhyatt @intermarche @cnewsofficiel @_cnews @auvieuxcampeur @fairmontmonaco @underarmourwomen @palladium_boots.”

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A month before the race, the first cousins traveled to Moab, Utah with the rest of the US team to train and get the appropriate certifications for the all-female race. Back in February, Jazmin opened up to HOLA! USA about competing in the competition with her cousin. “It kind of happenstance brought us to do something together, which felt amazing,” she shared.

 target=VIEW GALLERY Pauline and Jazmin embarked on a nine-day, Internet-free off road race Photo: Getty Images 

“This isn’t just a rally that’s only nine days in a desert, I think it’s a lifelong experience," Jazmin continued. “Our family at first was, ‘I can’t believe you guys are going to do this,’ but we are our own women and when we put our minds to something, we are going to do it. Now, they are supportive and excited.”

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