Following the death of Prince Henrik of Denmark, Danish police have confirmed that they have launched an investigation into the hospital where he was being treated shortly before he died. According to Royal Central, police are inquiring about the possibility that staff at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen may have leaked information about the Prince's ailing health. Royal journalist and commentator, Trine Villemann, said a hospital source told her that Queen Margrethe II's husband was not only seriously ill, but dying. She then repeated the information on a local radio show.


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Police stated that they are not holding the journalist accountable for the breach saying: "We can confirm that Trine Villemann has been with us and given her explanation. We made a police inquiry by phone. She is only a witness in the matter and will not be charged. It is correct that an investigation has started, but beyond this, we do not want to comment on the matter."


Last month, the Danish royal palace released a statement announcing that Prince Henrik's condition had "unfortunately greatly worsened." At the time, Trine spoke about Henrik's deteriorating health on local radio, and added that a source from the hospital had told her the Prince was in fact dying. Queen Margrethe II's husband passed away four days later on February 13, 2018, at his home in Fredensborg Palace at the age of 83. 

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Reflecting on the course of events, Trine, 58, told news site Ekstra Bladet: "I probably would have said this, regardless of whether I had a source. I am an old horse in this game and when the royal house published this press release, it is not because he's got the flu."

Last week, Trine confirmed on Facebook that she met with a senior police officer who wanted to know who her source is. "I will naturally under no circumstances discard my source," Trine wrote. She also added: "I would of course not dream of telling the police or anyone else who I'm talking to."

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Trine received a mixed response, with some agreeing that hospital staff should not disclose anything about a patient, unless given permission by the patient themselves. Trine defended herself, arguing that the royal family had released the statement, informing the public of Henrik's worsening condition. She still maintains that no confidentiality was breached.

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