Prince Carlos of Hohenzollern has died at the age of 39 after falling from the roof of the Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt. The royal was a disgraced relative of the last Kaiser of Imperial Germany. According to the Daily Mail, the Prince took his own life by jumping off the roof of the 21-story hotel.

Carlos was serving a prison sentence for fraud at Euskirchen and was due to be released in July. He was reportedly allowed to leave the jail “as part of the preparations for freedom” and he drove to Frankfurt on Friday, February 23. The Prince's body was found that afternoon.


><img alt=VIEW GALLERY Carlos Patrick Godehard, Prince of Hohenzollern, reportedly jumped from the roof terrace of the Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt Photo: Getty Images

In 2011, the late royal was sentenced to four months probation for not paying an outstanding bill to a creditor and in 2014 to four years for dealing in multi-million dollar investment funds that did not exist. Carlos was the son of the famous art collector Prince Godehard von Hohenzollern and Heide Hansen. The Hohenzollern family stopped ruling Germany after World War I when the country became a republic.

Prince Georg Friedrich of Preussen is currently the head of the House of Hohenzollern. After a legal victory in which he became the head of Germany’s last ruling family, the 41-year-old expressed his joy over being an ordinary citizen and not wanting Germany to restore the monarchy.

><img alt=VIEW GALLERY Prince Georg Friedrich of Preussen (pictured with his wife Princess Sophie) is now the head of the House of Hohenzollern Photo: Getty Images

“I'm very happy that it's different for me than it is for Princes William and Harry,” he confessed. “I would not swap with William and Harry. I'm amazed by the attention they get." Georg added, "I do not see any reason for the political system in Germany to be changed. And I am very happy - probably happier than many of my forebears."

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